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  1. A snippet of Unhappy Meal leaked!!! She snapped. https://youtube.com/watch?v=7A1c1h7VuHc
  2. I will be making a masterpost soon!
  3. Cry Baby Outtakes:Haunted You Love I Bombs On Monday Morning Night Mime Band-Aid Strawberry Fields Unhappy Meal(?) Little Lies Half Hearted Where Do Babies Come From? Thousand Words Gold Diggin’ Love Can’t Help Falling In Love Dead To Me (Released on Dollhouse EP) Bittersweet Tragedy (Released on Dollhouse EP)
  4. Hauntedbymel has officially announced they will be leaking a snippet of “Unhappy Meal” soon. My friend VintageMU will also be leaking Half Hearted V2, & “Little Lies” soon.
  5. https://youtube.com/watch?v=rO9fg5ui71k another snippet of “Strawberry Fields” leaked. CryBabyBoi will be leaking the full track soon. It sounds so good
  6. Well we only got a 1 second clip of Melanie saying “Strawberry fields” so we can’t be sure on that. Yeah, that’s what the leaker said After I posted my comment here.
  7. A snippet of a song called “Strawberry Fields” leaked. I think it’s an MM2 song..
  8. i believe the rapper is J Balvin.
  9. ..I just said that I enjoyed the songs? Not the same thing as sharing links to unreleased material that has a chance of being released.
  10. `Hopefully on the MATD4 official tracklisting
  11. I've heard the full version of Someone Else's Baby. It's such a good song, I dont understand how anyone could hate it tbh!
  12. Superstar is my favourite MATD4 track! Sounds a lot like EH, i love it. Such an amazing song
  13. I never said I had them in full? I just said they played snippets. If they have a chance of being on the album, I'm not going to share.
  14. I'm not going to post them, out of respect for Marina. All of these songs are from MATD4, y'all can wait. I'm not sure if anyone else recorded.
  15. Snippets of Superstar, Handmade Heaven, Someone Else’s Baby and some others where played on the Charli Discord last night.
  16. Dynamite State

    Charli XCX

    I’m so glad @@AlisonWonderland was banned. They where so annoying, ugh. Anyways i’m really excited for 1999.
  17. Dynamite State

    Charli XCX

    Someone played Sad by Bebe Rexha on the discord chat and people thought it was Melanie Martinez LMAOOOO
  18. Dynamite State

    Charli XCX

    y’all are so disrespectful. this is why charli hates her fans
  19. Yeah. But it's only one second, and it's just her saying ''wizard of oz disguise'' !!!
  20. Can someone please upload the highest quality files of Can't Help Falling In Love Band Aid Night Mime Half Hearted You Love I that we have to instaud.io? thanks! dbree never works for me can you upload this to instaud.io?
  21. We know nothing about Unhappy Meal. It could be an outtake from Cry Baby or a MM2 song, but we don’t know.
  22. Little Lies lyrics “But I really wanted to believe That there's something bigger and better Something to treasure Now all we do is fight When I come out you always hide And now I'm fed up with dreaming” Where Do Babies Come From, Until Sunrise, Half Hearted Version 2, & Schizo are all old songsDrama Club is from MM2 Little is known about Unhappy Meal, Candy Love, Heartbeat & Little Lies
  23. So apparently, these are all Melanie songs circulating.. these will all leak soon. Hauntedbymel probably has more, which will start to spread once he starts selling the other stuff he has 1. Drama Club 2. Unhappy Meal 3. Where Do Babies Come From? 4. Half Hearted Version 2 5. Little Lies 6. Schizo 7. Until Sunrise 8. Candy Love 9. Heartbeat
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