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    @@evalionisameme Mars never worked with Poppy’s “abuser”, Titanic & Poppy only said that because they wanted to try and defend themselves even though Mars hasn’t worked with Josh since 2014 and it was at some random photoshoot when her and titanic where still dating
  2. There's so much evidence that shows Melanie is most likely innocent, I wouldn't be supporting her if I actually thought she was a rapist. The Mars vs Titanic & Poppy & the Melanie vs Timothy dramas shouldn't be compared. Mars has lots of evidence to back up her claims, Unlike Timothy.
  3. So @AlexII is a creep for responding to your post on a public forum, yet your favs aren’t creeps for abusing innocent people?
  4. Turns out the "Jump Rope" snippet that leaked last night is actually "Schizo" https://youtube.com/watch?ebc=ANyPxKoovEX2d_-CN8kys1Hh3h27ulA68pWbK0QAj84hsdqaS70zjMmei3bMOmul4Pimnby40JioXV5vVucklANytwp5c6TxBg&v=_bCP4sVjMxE
  5. Here! https://picosong.com/wLw9b/
  6. we'll be getting a lot more, very very soon.
  7. Read the last few pages. https://picosong.com/wLPCa/
  8. Haunted (Full) Half Hearted (Full) Drama Club (Full) Unhappy Meal (Snippet) Jump Rope (Snippet) Where Do Babies Come From? (Snippets) Strawberry Fields Forever (Snippets) Little Lies (Title and Lyrics) Arts & Crafts (Title)
  9. I want WDBCF too, but We should all just be grateful we are getting so many leaks. All of these songs are so amazing! I hope Unhappy Meal is the next leak.
  10. “Unhappy Meal”, “Dressed In Mistakes”, “Jump Rope” & “Arts & Crafts” will most likely be leaking soon.
  11. Drama Club is so amazing. Definitely in her top 10 best songs
  12. only one known person has it
  13. Drama Club is so amazing, I am crying. Her best album is coming
  14. it's still higher quality then the SC rip we have. this is the OG file that was spreading when it was being traded. and that version of HH was just a laptop demo, i dont think it exists in higher quality.
  15. Half Hearted (HQ File, M4A) was just leaked. https://soundcloud.com/littlejackk/halfheartedogfile
  16. Another new snippet of Drama Club https://twitter.com/ughihateitall/status/1039291057996025856?s=21 Everyone's so soft, Everyone's so sensitive Do I offend you? you're hanging on your sentences.
  17. New snippets of Drama Club leaked https://picosong.com/wLPns/
  18. Cry Baby is a beautiful album and I love all the tracks equally. The only songs that I'm not a big fan of are Teddy Bear & Sippy Cup, but I still love them. A timeless masterpiece!
  19. She never said that these songs where fake lol.. she just said that some of them are scrapped
  20. All of those songs are from the Cry Baby/Dollhouse sessions. They are CB outtakes
  21. Guys, it's Jump Rope. The lyrics make a lot of sense and also someone commented on the Jump Rope page on the Wiki ''trading Jump Rope'' so that's probably how the person got the snippet. Also you can hear her say ''rope'' at the beggining but the person who leaked it made that part LQ because they dont want us to know what its called.
  22. VintageMU told me that it’s a studio version.
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