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  1. she looks so pretty i wanna see the full fishnet outfit……!
  2. i respect their friendship but nikki’s voice is not for me at all 😭
  3. i love the echoed effect on her voice in god bless america & all the beautiful women in it, it sounds like she’s singing through a radio might be an unpopular but i do love that song
  4. i took it on my phone so im not sure where to upload it unfortunately, but im happy to share it!
  5. i have a pretty good video of most of the speech and you can hear her really well!
  6. i’m so sad hope wasn’t performed but that show was so beautiful i cried my little eyes out. side note is that it took me and my friends two hours after the show ended to get out of the parking lot (one of the worst parking situations i’ve been in after a show. this venue was so unorganized)
  7. can anyone confirm if gates open at 6 fjfjfjgjg i can’t find any information
  8. does anyone know if she has an opener for tonight’s show
  9. does anyone have a pic of the most recent accurate setlist (i know pa won’t get margaret or venice bitch obv)
  10. seeing her tmrw really hoping the jacket is in stock now after reading a lot of accounts of it not being there at all at other shows……….
  11. really sorry yall had to deal with that, that’s really troubling knowing she’s usually really kind to (respectful) fans that want to see her
  12. hi everyone, sorry if this is a stupid question, i’m no stranger to camping for barricade for a venue however with lana especially in her explosion in fame in the last couple of years due to tiktok etc, besides camping is one of the best ways to secure a close spot in GA getting vip? is vip offered for amphitheater venues anyway? i only ask because the last time i saw her in 2018, my ga tickets were under $130, and i got to the show literally during kali uchis’ opening set and was able to get basically 3 people behind barricade. i had a really good and close spot easily but that was before the death of concert etiquette
  13. when i saw her on LA to the moon tour she wore a gorgeous black dress. not a disaster imo! at least not at my show
  14. people always line up before security/venues set times anyway tbh. usually just adjacent to the venue or not on the property entirely
  15. congratulations to @Elle and what a beautiful show <3 i’m seeing lana on october 3rd cannot wait y’all
  16. tiktok fans are crying ab the locations of the dates but i’m almost certain she might announce more dates in other cities later sooo let’s just let them think this is it
  17. ok yeah i def saw this coming get interesting way for her to be touring!
  18. i am very scared of a tour announcement with real dates i think she’ll just keep doing random large venues and festivals sporadically i guess
  19. i’m so emotional over the videos of her esp the one of her walking out on stage! i can’t imagine how that feels for her, she must know she’s so loved
  20. awww tropical summertime is so cute and fresh i would do anything to see MAC and hope live
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