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  1. I know, I'm so excited for what is coming next And the way he confidently said: "I'm planning on working with her a lot"
  2. Yes, BOZ said that in a thread about Blue Banisters on ATRL! And this: "Cause she loves to revisit her past material A LOT lately." Also, thank you so much
  3. Since "Loved You Then" wasn't written for COCC and BOZ said there's a song that leaked before I think the album will have a good amount of old tracks written before 2020. Maybe some of them are reworked? BOZ promised the new tea if Levitating will go #1, so we are waiting
  4. Interesting, maybe Loved You Then (BOZ said it without "and now") is an outtake from NFR! era?
  5. Also, BOZ saying that he is "kinda here for it" for what Lana has prepared for us is a good sign. Because couple months ago he called her a "basic white bxtch" and a Trump supporter.
  6. I'm waiting for Levitating to go #1 today and then I will spam him about Lana info
  7. BOZ has an access to the demos and unmastered songs, so BB can still be in the making as Mike said.
  8. Hi guys! I'm the new one here, but I've been following LB for months and I'm so excited for BB I'm from ATRL and BOZ is very reliable. For now he is the only insider who've heard Lana's new album (or at least parts of it).
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