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  1. you are underestimating Lana, guys i still think it’s coming but don’t act like she can’t change her mind in a sec
  2. which means the exact same thing when it comes to Lana
  3. she’s reworking the country elements to trap elements and changing the name from “Lasso” to “Hand Cuffs”
  4. she’ll announce the album and the lead single today
  5. bitch is blonde again check her insta
  6. also, when she posted that story saying “hope you like country” before OB release, to me that’s a indicator that she might had the Lasso album almost finished by then or it was becoming a solid project of music for her to release but somehow maybe she thought it wasn’t how she wanted and decided to work on it more —— that makes sense!! Beyoncé’s producer said her album is going to be “shocking” and i think a Lana feature is REALLY SHOCKING
  7. imagine Lana is featured on Beyoncé’s new album and Beyoncé is featured on Lana’s new album. how did Lana know that the industry was going country when none of the country albums (Beyoncé and Post Malone - correct me if i’m wrong) were announced? something is off
  8. i’m so fucking intrigued… i need answers like right now
  9. When we find out that Loved You Then and Now is Lasso then WHAT?
  10. i’m always waiting for @hotshot2am to say “something is going on in her website’s source code”
  11. i’m attending, girlies see you there she’s coming to my city
  12. i need her to say something about Lasso today
  13. lana’s hair is so beautiful this era. almost as perfect as her ginger hair
  14. my perfect tracklist for Lust For Life would be: 1. Intro / Roses Bloom For You 2. Love 3. Cherry 4. Lust For Life (feat. The Weeknd) 5. Groupie Love (feat. A$AP Rocky) 6. Interlude - Valley Of The Dolls 7. White Mustang 8. Tomorrow Never Came (feat. Sean Ono Lennon) 9. Yosemite 10. Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (feat. Stevie Nicks) 11. Interlude - Experiment In Terror 12. 13 Beaches 13. Heroin 14. Change 15. Get Free Bonus Tracks 16. In My Feelings 17. Summer Bummer 18. God Bless America 19. Coachella 20. When The World Was At War MAN THIS WOULD’VE SLAPPED TBH LFL is one of my least favorite albums because i see it like a mixtape tbh. it’s all over the place and with this arrangement, i see cohesion.
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