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  1. Yayo - 15 West Coast- 20 Venice Bitch - 12 White Dress- 3
  2. I haven't bought anything from them but from the thread I would probably steer clear. looks like long, expensive shipping and cheap items. probably be better off buying off of etsy
  3. she looks so beautiful, literally glowing also it looks like she got her hair done 👀(root touch up)
  4. oh rob how you love to be mysterious
  5. its giving 🥴🥴
  6. it also looks like she JUST got her lashes done 👀 trying not to get my hopes up
  7. this one in particular! so good. peach fuzz would be iconic too 😟
  8. this name would be perfect to release Angel's Forever
  9. this was my first thought when she posted that cinnamon girl live clip 🙏🙏🙏
  10. I'm curious on whether she'll go on tour before or after another project is released, or if she'll go on tour at all
  11. praying for this 😩 with how active she is, I wouldn't be surprised
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