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  1. I need her caption “you win some you lose some(at the santa Anita race track) “ to be something 😭 it’s too good
  2. @TheDollClub its okay to give it up love, we know
  3. If the flowers aren’t orchids , then what about the post matters tbh? We knew she’d post today regardless
  4. Listened to Guns and roses and bel air on shrooms earlier this year and it was heavenly , manifesting for LDR9
  5. LB was down for a min and I thought she surprise dropped an album and y’all broke the website
  6. I mean… people post tweets from boz and he’s private. As long as he isn’t being harassed I think it’s fine
  7. Wonder if that bald headed nerd will actually like this album
  8. @DragonWhore hmmm what do u think? Anything to input
  9. Omg #teamtropico #teamwhore
  10. To manifest ldr9 should I get Whataburger for queen of the gas station vibes or ramen for ultraviolence vibes on Uber eats tonight
  11. No I’m literally moving idc
  12. Hi mrs Whore how are u 🤭🙏🏻
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