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  1. Mariners being on the Austin set list and not getting played is my villain arc
  2. leaving the venue as we speak , can’t believe that happened 😭 sad no ride visuals but at least the monologue still played
  3. Finally got my tickets for Austin tonight and I couldn’t be happier, anyone worried about transfer, process was so easy
  4. Still planning on going to the Austin show but I won’t be surprised if she decides to add Paris, Texas to these shows. I’m more surprised she didn’t preform breaking up slowly with Nikki
  5. My show is still at 600 rn for pit but that’s still down 600 from the og 1200 it was being sold for 😭
  6. Yes!! Pit for mine dropped from 1200 earlier to 740 now. Just holding out, if not I can get 2 decent seats for $600 and that’s good enough for me lol
  7. It just may be unable to be resold at this very moment since it’s day of, id check again in a few days if not I think you can list them other places like seatgeek and stubhub
  8. That’s what im thinking and hoping, it’s usually how it works as they realize people aren’t gonna spend 400+ for a lawn ticket.
  9. Im upset that I’ll probably have to buy resale but prices are already starting to go down so I’m feeling a bit better. How have y’all’s experiences with seatgeek, stubhub, etc. been?
  10. Someone on seatgeek is selling 16 pit tickets for 1500 each. Aint no wayyyy, did any humans actually get tickets?
  11. The way twitter is already filled with people selling 3 tickets+ that they bought on the side. Despicable.
  12. There are plenty of tickets on vivid seats, stub hub, seat geek, etc. literally shows that it was immediately sold to scalpers. I’m going to hold off and wait for prices to drop. They always do. No way I’m paying 300 for lawn when og pit seats weren’t even that much, idc if I can afford it 😭
  13. Even if it’s sold out rn, I’ll find a way to go. As it gets closer to the date resellers will lower the price. I bought tickets to a sold out Harry styles show day of at face value bc scalpers needed to let them go
  14. There’s no way a 14,000+ venue sold out with 2000 people ahead of me. I hate it here.
  15. Yeah this is such bs. Complete scam I hate Ticketmaster
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