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  1. aly

    Melanie Martinez

    She said a while back that they just need the budget, I assume trilogy tour is partially to help pay for it
  2. Especially in Atlanta where quavo is from and where they are
  3. They were spotted in Atlanta (I think) yesterday or today so I have a strong feeling it’s about to drop
  4. Yall im just noticing the hooves ….. im so obsessed
  5. Oh she never fails to stun me with her beauty
  6. Idk if it’s been said but I can imagine stand by your man will be recorded and put on lasso
  7. I found out I’m gonna be an aunt and my sis is due in sept, lasso baby here we come
  8. Dw yall she’s hopping on insta live rn to announce a Lasso/Iron Gates drop!!’
  9. I can’t lie I rlly think that hologram interlude was an iron gates tease
  10. I don’t like Taylor but this would make sense, tay can pay the fines too 💀
  11. I’m so so surprised she hasn’t been cut off? They’re letting her take thisss
  12. “I wanna take a minute” girl u don’t have one
  13. Something about her makeup is giving 2014 and I love it
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