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  1. Believe me i am!! i deserved it tho
  2. OH MY GOD YALL ITS HAPPENING] User was warned for this post we’ve asked countless times for trolling like this to stop. All it does is cause unnecessary drama
  3. i cant with the fact that i rushed to check just to see that it was an old recycled post we are truly being starved
  4. if they wanna get that #1 spot they better make lana say something soon cuz i think the gp is already forgetting about this album
  5. A&W Grandfather The Grants Let the Light In Tunnel Fingertips Paris, Texas Jon Batiste Interlude Taco Truck Candy Necklace Fishtail Peppers Sweet Judah Smith Interlude Margaret Kintsugi
  6. so.. how is it that there are only 25 members browsing but we finish a new page every 10 minutes, we really are bored huh
  7. somebody give this person a warning point CUZ
  8. it's just speculation and mostly jokes because seans wedding anniversary is on saturday we truly are doomed
  9. Omg. imagine how iconic it would be if she had secretly been on here for the last 5 years.. AND THE FACT THAT SOMEONE PREDICTED THE PARIS, TEXAS TITLE.. MAYBE IT WASN'T A COINCIDENCE maybe we're all just blind
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