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  1. I've never been to one of her pop ups before. I think I'm going to the Friday one. How early should I get there if I want a reasonable chance at getting in? I did snag a 12:30 reservation
  2. No offense taken! I love her philosophical rants so selfishly I want her to go off on some more lol
  3. Can you talk some more about how your studies of Carl Jung informed your songwriting on this album, and how you tapped into dreamwork and shadow self exploration in the writing process?
  4. She very obviously didn't mean that she thinks Fingertips is a bad song but I see the usual suspects are obsessed with taking that line out of context. It's sort of like that interview she gave during COCC era where she said about the vocals on the White Dress chorus, "I know it doesn't sound great," and talks about how she made a deliberate choice for the vocals to sound that way to add to the atmosphere of the song. She didn't literally mean that her singing sounded like shit and that made the song shit, too - just like how she clearly doesn't mean that Fingertips is a terrible song.
  5. Not Pastor Smith getting the buccal fat removal Does anyone have any special plans for how they'll listen to the album first? Specific locations, in the car, etc.? I'm still deciding how I want to experience the album for the first time (and how sober or not I want to be)
  6. I love the people refusing to stop complaining about piano-led songs as if pianos aren't one of, like, the key instruments in songwriting and music production across all genres and eras of music
  7. Also, I can appreciate that people feel unsettled by Lana's messiness at times, but it's something I like about her (and something I like about her music). I don't want all of the artists I enjoy to have their entire persona, social media presence, artistic output, etc., focus grouped and PR'd to death and put through some sort of public approval bootcamp with PR managers....and in fact many of the truly great artists (in any field) were pretty messy people. And her messiness makes her imperfect, which makes her more human, which just adds further dimension and depth to her art. And it also makes her special - it's what sets her apart, in ways both good and bad (and in ways that are entirely neutral). Also, a lot of people I know in real life are casual Lana fans - they aren't as obsessed as me, and they aren't at LB level, but they do like her music and they do generally keep up with her. 90% of the things LB worries about don't even register with most people. Most people don't care if Lana's posting something messy on Instagram about critics, or that Lana's putting out "another piano ballad," or that Lana's not doing music videos or she's not doing enough promo or she's not doing this or she's not doing that or she calls herself Lanita on the album, etc. Bottom line, people care about if the music is good, period. And the people I know IRL are really enjoying the OB singles so far - if not all of them, then at least one, and they're intrigued about the new album and what it's going to sound like.
  8. The same collection of users seem to make the same obsessive comments over and over and over and over about what Lana shouldn't be doing with her career and declaring her projects a flop before they have even been officially released.....with all of the ideas and multiple essays and obsessive critiques I think these people should honestly apply to work at her record label! I'm sure you will be able to come up with some very creative and interesting cover letters and then when you get the job you will finally have an outlet to share your excellent ideas! I really liked the Guardian review. The guy who wrote it also wrote Pitchfork's Best New Music blurb for A&W. I would hardly call an album getting 4/5s across the board a flop or a poorly reviewed album, LOL.
  9. I'm a newbie to LB who will miss your contributions! Even when I don't fully agree with your assessments the way you articulate them is always so thoughtful. You're a much needed antidote to some of the takes I have seen on here.... (no disrespect meant at all to anyone with takes I don't like )
  10. I saw her on the NFR tour at the Hollywood Bowl, and I was happy to see that she sounded great live where it really counted - she delivered "Hope Is a Dangerous Thing" perfectly, pretty much exactly like she sounded in the studio. I know she uses playback a lot and doesn't always deliver live, but what matters to me is that we've seen enough evidence that if she's feeling comfortable she can deliver (another example would be her posting all of the videos of her Change take with Rick in the studio where she also sounds exactly like the album). I think I'd be more annoyed if she was clearly completely unable to deliver vocally without any technology whatsoever (I won't name names...), but since it's obvious she's just more comfortable in the studio, I accept that. Re your point @ByDayAnother, as beautiful as it was seeing her sing Hope live, the fans' behavior was atrocious. I couldn't believe how annoying they were being. I understand certain songs, but something that emotionally intense where you can tell she also is really FEELING the song, it's so obnoxious to listen to a bunch of dumbasses try to be cute. It didn't ruin the experience for me but it reminded me how annoying and awful a lot of her fanbase can be lol
  11. This is why I love BB, too - and I think TB, WW, and BB are all kind of pre-cursors/less fully realized versions of what she's doing on DYKTTATUOB. I really don't think we could have had DYKTTATUOB without her experimenting on BB. Also, admittedly, I'm new to LB and I wasn't fully clued in with all of the old leaks being included, so getting to hear those songs for the first time was fun. I also think the slightly "off key" Arcadia vocals are totally intentional and I love how they sound. It adds an emotional texture that wouldn't be there if it had been Auto-Tuned to be on key.
  12. I read on another forum that the surprise isn't real and Boz was fed false info so that Tap could weed out a mole and I find that very plausible lol
  13. Saying that Candy Necklace sounds like Beautiful? Time for an ear check mama .... seriously, though, I really don't hear any musical similarities between Beautiful and CN!
  14. I hadn't listened to any of the leaks, so this is the first time I'm hearing the song. It took three or four listens to REALLY click - but wow. Not only is this beautiful, but it's perfect as the opener for Ocean Blvd. Emotionally affecting, but not necessarily sad or tragic - she's acknowledging the pain she's been through and has been processing ("for my family line"), the juxtaposition of Chuck's baby and her grandma's passing. I know the Rocky Mountain High line has been interpreted elsewhere as referencing her uncle passing, but I also think it could be coupled with "It's a beautiful life - remember that, too, for me" - she often references other songs that she loves in her songs, and all of these songs are just one more beautiful thing she will take with her, along with the pain and glory. And I love, love, love the intro with her beautiful singers - it's such a warm, inviting, pleasing introduction to the album. And their voices are so beautiful. Ugh!!! I need March 24th to be here now!!
  15. I can definitely see why you feel that way. I think I liked it as a single because it's so mellow and uncontroversial - it was nice to see her release something that wasn't polarizing in the slightest in the midst of the chaos of the COCK promo cycle. Definitely not her most EXCITING single though
  16. LMLYLAW is one of Lana's best songs....a gorgeous Mazzy Star homage...
  17. No disrespect meant but after seeing how some of you are gooped, gagged, sobbing, begging, pleading, crawling through coals and spikes on your knees, gnashing your teeth, wailing, down BAD for the album to leak when you will hear it in two weeks, I have to admit I think it would be iconique if the surprise was that Miss Del Rey pushed the album back further to punish all you bad boys girls and theys
  18. It's because they fear that it will cause social, environmental, economic, and emotional collapse upon its release and they're afraid we aren't ready for the truth......
  19. The more I've listened to them, the more I think I'm starting to prefer A&W! I think OB is going to sound incredible in the context of the actual album, but I'm finding myself more drawn to listen to A&W by itself. As far as her piano ballads go, though, OB is definitely one of my favorites
  20. I don't really get the hate either. BB is definitely imperfect but it's hardly the raging flop that some people are making it out to be! I'm not getting the obsessive relentless complaining about BB to be honest...I have a good friend who was a bit of a Lana skeptic before BB, and BB is what really made him appreciate Lana more and start to really understand her.
  21. Prediction: -Candy Necklace new single with announcement on Ocean Blvd account -Candy Necklace music video -Candy Necklace performances scheduled on every American late night television show -Candy Necklace versions recorded in every language to be released over the night few weeks -End of all global conflicts as Candy Necklace revolutionizes the world
  22. Have a feeling the shocking announcement is the impending release of Candy Necklace as the third single.....
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