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  1. I'm going to stay optimistic and predict that Candy Necklace will be one of the greatest songs Lana has ever recorded and will lead to mental and emotional collapse on release day.... #FreeCandyNecklace
  2. I really don't think this is gonna be a big deal and tbh if it is so what? I never defended QFTC (because I didn't feel it was worth defending) but I defended that I still liked her and listened to her music on my social media when people were dragging her through the mud and claiming she was some psycho Trump voter. I don't care. I just don't. I and I alone control what I listen to and who I listen to and I don't give a flying fuck if some dumbass online wants to get mad about it. The truth is, many if not most artists are going to do and say things we don't like, or express themselves clumsily, or maybe have an opinion we don't agree with, or work with people we don't like...because they are people! And people are inherently flawed, complex, maddening, self-indulgent, and sometimes clumsy. I cannot name a single artist I like who hasn't done or said something shitty, problematic, fucked up, or iffy in one way or another, at some point in time, and this applies to artists of all races, classes, sexual orientations, genders, nationalities...you name it! This is human nature. I think a lot of people are also just bandwagoners - outrage and self-righteousness are common currencies in our culture right now (though I think the GP is getting sick of this and is tuning the outrage cycle out). Some people see others getting mad and they wanna join in, have some fun, and feel like they changed the world with their little TikTok comment or tweet about how so-and-so artist did this/said that/whatever. But it's all a fad, and the same people won't give a shit even two weeks later. I used to hang out with people (in my early to mid 20s) who were extremely Online and "Woke" (whatever that even means anymore) and I saw how they would post shit for clout and then privately still listen to the artist/watch the movie/read the book they were dragging publicly. Pardon the psychotic essay, but long story short - instead of panicking or stressing over how the GP will perceive a stray lyric on Lana's 16 track album, I think we just need to let go and let God. If people on Twitter or TikTok or whatever want to go into outrage mode over the lyric, that's ok - that's their right! But why should that affect us at all? I'm not going to stop listening to Lana or talking about how much I love her music publicly. We don't need to explain to people - like they are children - that just because we love an artist doesn't mean we co-sign every single thing they have ever written or said or done in their lives that may have been uncomfortable, and anyone with a brain and not poisoned by Internet outrage antics knows that. Also - a lot of people thought that QFTC was essentially going to end Lana's career and it would all be over, but that hasn't remotely been the case. The GP has the attention span of a goldfish.
  3. I feel sad when I see "Violets for Roses" slander because I think it's one of her most beautiful songs...it really captures that feeling my friends and I had after the first COVID vaccine was made available and the world started slowly opening up again and we felt hope for the first time in a long time. And "The Paramount sign sparkling, sparkling just for me" line always makes me a little teary. On a personal level it's also a great song to accompany you coming out of a depressive episode lol The reaction to Blue Banisters is so fascinating to me b/c I know a couple of Lana skeptics who converted to huge fans because of this album, but it seems a lot of long time Lana fans really don't like it. I still think TB, BB, and WW are a little clunky but I find them interesting as a bridge between pre-BB songwriting and the songwriting that is going to dominate DYKTTATUOB.
  4. Do not even get me started on the hypocrisy of the Twitter/TikTok brigade!! Thinking they are so politically perfect when the people who receive the worst, nastiest, meanest vitriol from them are all women!! You're right and you should say it. The line is definitely a little cringe and I'm sure some ppl will get clacking away on their laptop for a lame thinkpiece about it....but it's cringe, it's not offensive or cruel! I don't think this will be a massive deal in the general public's eyes
  5. I wouldn't expect much intelligent commentary from a DeuxMoi subreddit lmao....their heads would spin if they realized who Lana's fans actually were....hilarious to see comments about how only white people listen to her. The delulu
  6. I honestly don't think Taco Truck will be that controversial outside of terminally online groups on like Reddit and maybe a few bitchy TikTok comments. Full disclosure I'm white but I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who are Mexican-American (pls understand I know how corny and fake this sounds lol) and none of them are pressed stressed or depressed about Lana having a "Latina" accent or calling herself Lanita in a song. Obviously my friends don't speak for every single Latino American (I would never argue that they do!) and I'm sure some people won't like it, BUT I don't know anyone IRL who is mad about Lana doing stuff like this
  7. The only reason I sat through 2 hours of this snoozefest was for Lana. Get your SHIT together Billboard
  8. I am obsessed with Quinta completely failing to pretend she wants to be there even a fraction. Same girl
  9. That Latto song is such a typical Dr. Luke production - it sounds like a more mediocre "Say So." Luke's formula seems to be running down....that was such a boring song and a boring performance. Doechii has been the only performance tonight that has been even remotely interesting and is actually really good lol
  10. I can't listen to the leaks, as tempted as I am. I'm gonna get blazed out of my mind, go to Barnsdall Park in LA on release day, and listen to it on repeat. It feels like the only right way to experience this album
  11. Am I the only person who loves Arcadia and thinks it's one of Lana's best songs
  12. My theory is also that Lana was VERY involved in the writing process, because that song is not written like a Taylor Swift song. It's essentially a Lana song with Taylor vocals on lead. I'm not a Taylor Swift hater at all, but I struggle to get into her music, and I've listened to enough to sense that I think Lana and her wrote the song together vs. Taylor writing it and handing it off to Lana for backgrounds. It's actually the only song on the Midnights album I don't get bored of by the first minute. And lyrically, it is so much more Lana than Taylor
  13. The Father John Misty war made me re-listen to "Buddy's Rendezvous" and now I'm thinking how cool it would be for him and Lana to write an album together. They both have similar sensibilities to me in some ways. And their voices complement each other SO well
  14. I'm so glad I found LB because I was starting to truly descend into stan psychosis on Instagram reposting photo shoots from 2017 and I think my friends were getting concerned. I need this outlet to let my Lana stan flag fly free!!
  15. The album came out in 2019 but I've been drawn back to it lately. I've been listening to Jenny Lewis since I was 15, and something about this song really touches me deeply - the lyrics about a wasted youth, the sound of her voice slightly aged. A classic
  16. I like Lorde but I feel like the Solar Power album is 100% what you're talking about - a failed replica of NFR lol
  17. Omg imagining renting out the entire Ramada in Rosemead and all having simultaneous psychotic breaks as we listen to the album
  18. I saw that and was like but I trust it'll make sense when we hear the actual album. I always forget Lana has her Hillsong-y side lol
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