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  1. She definitely stole the time for us to get a honeymoon song
  2. Bringing Camila has to be one of the weirdest choices ever on her career...
  3. After rewatching once again and letting it simmer a bit, it was lackluster all around, she turned it up with an exciting entrance and one of her best looks and then she lacked confidence and energy, the vocals weren't vocaling for the most part and we can blame the obvious technical difficulties but she also didn't seem to be trying that much, it's kinda sad that this could've been a big moment on her career but I don't think it even makes the top ten of her best concerts ever, also a little bit unrelated but I hate when people say that most criticisms that people had can just be attributed to "that" being Lana's way of performing when we've had concerts as excellent as outside land festival and so on
  4. I just think that if she's going to do so many ballads the least she can do is sing them
  5. Lana not getting any Grammy doesn't take away the fact that both Ocean Blvd and A&W remain career highlights both quality and success wise, also everyone was just expecting SZA to win the main category so in a way it's fine that Taylor swift is at the center of the racist discourse in social media instead of Lana lol
  6. Edgartur0

    Song vs. Song

    Raise me up vs Wild One (Mike)
  7. When she announces the rerelease at the Grammys in her winning speech!
  8. Edgartur0

    Taylor Swift

    They sound too much like midnights, I think Say don't go it's literally you're losing me
  9. Lmao sorry They need to go to jail actually
  10. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php/?id=100044464478310&name=xhp_nt__fb__action__open_user
  11. Edgartur0

    Song vs. Song

    Kintsugi vs White dress
  12. Edgartur0

    Song vs. Song

    Pink Champagne vs Crazy For You
  13. Edgartur0


    Who got tickets? I got for the first Mexico show
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