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  1. i think we have very different definitions of what trap music means. in my country, trap is the same as uk drill music
  2. lana del rey and trap beat are two words that should never exist in the same sentence
  3. i’m genuinely super excited for this feature, but i am really hoping that she will refrain from giving a lowkey incoherent speech like the one from the BBC COCC premiere.
  4. oh you better wake up for the album release babe cause it's going to be a collective meltdown moment on LB and you'll miss all the drama
  5. avril could have handled the situation with a little bit more grace, but i understand that she was surprised to see someone’s tits in her face. i don’t understand what these protesters are thinking, because they are certainly not going to make a long-lasting impact by throwing canned soup on paintings or flashing themselves at concerts.
  6. i have the full lyrics for fingertips, sweet and the grants — am i allowed to create threads for them or not?
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