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  1. Shes not even dating him lmaoo where did this come from? Because shes in Tulsa? Americans are so obsessed with police they want to unstan people who date em? This is seriously ridiculous. Being a cop doesnt mean youre racist agressive women beater murderer. Tulsa jesus freak is clearly a diss track


    I partly agree with this, since I live in a totally different social atmosphere in the Nordic countries, it's hard to imagine living in the disdain of the police. But I've also seen the grim statistics of the U.S. police regarding to violence and abuse of power. Especially after and during the protests this year, Lana dating the enemy - a cop - can be seen as her supporting the oppressor's side and turning a blind eye to the victims. Or that's how I understand it.

  2. I'm going through my Lanz folder (which, as you can imagine, is full of absolutely crackheaded shit) and I don't remember if I ever posted this? And I just thought ... "sure, I'll post this because I enjoy being unhinged"


    Her mantle:


    Barrie's story around the same time:





    "Forget Her"


    Her love is a rose, pale and dying.

    Dropping her petals in land unknown

    All full of wine, the world before her, was sober with no place to go.


    Don't fool yourself, she was heartache from the moment that you met her.

    My heart is frozen still as I try to find the will to forget her, somehow.

    She's somewhere out there now.


    Well my tears falling down as I try to forget,

    Her love was a joke from the day that we met.

    All of the words, all of her men,

    All of my pain when I think back to when.


    Remember her hair as it shone in the sun,

    The smell of the bed when I knew what she'd done.

    Tell yourself over and over you won't ever need her again.



  3. Norman Fucking Rockwell - 8
    Mariners Apartment Complex - 10
    Venice Bitch - 10
    Fuck It I Love You - 8
    Doin’ Time - 7
    Love Song - 7
    Cinnamon Girl - 8
    How To Disappear - 8
    California - 10
    The Next Best American Record - 6
    The Greatest - 8
    Bartender - 10
    Happiness Is A Butterfly - 9
    Hope - 8

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