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  1. Cute! Can I ask how you're previewing those? Every time I try it says 'extension not supported'


    Sorry honey I'm not quite sure what you mean!  :crai:


    LOVE the first one especially! :heart:



    Love both of them ! Nice job !! :gclap:



    soooo beautiful!!!


    thank you so much lovers  :flutter:

  2. AKA Put Me in a Movie, Mermaid Motel

    BTD Off to the Races, Lolita

    PARADISE Cola, Ride

    ULTRAVIOLENCE Fucked My Way Up to the Top, Sad Girl

    HONEYMOON The Blackest Day, Salvatore, God Knows I Tried

    Unreleased Live or Die, Heavy Hitter, Wayamaya, Kinda Outta Luck, Disco, Jealous Girl...

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