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  1. At first I didn't understand the album but with more listens of each song I really love it :(
  2. i cannot stop listening to arcadia. so beautiful how does she do it... "All roads that lead to you as integral to me as arteries" the way she sings "I'm a lost little girl finding my way to ya"
  3. cant stop listening to the arcadia snippet tbh
  4. Ok wait . blue banisters. It's really calm & relaxing to listen to.
  5. No I'm </3 cos I think I only like textbook and I don't want that to be the case. Repeating all the songs to try and get a feel for them more.
  6. I remember now. it was marinameets on twitter. u uploaded like artwork/ stuff inspired by FROOT and they picked fans before each show. i think they also picked some fans in person. eventually she cancelled it during the tour, i think cos of something that happened w fans, but i don't remember what anymore. ---------- The livestream was cute to watch. I feel like those demo songs won't come out... I'm not hungry anymore, yep I wish it was coming already.. june hurry up! I wonder what MV we will get in 2 weeks. Im just happy i feel excited again for her music tbh.
  7. I am not ready for 3 new songs in a day omg
  8. her best song in a long while I'm watching the livestream now. i found it funny that she is doing paid M&G. i forgot what it was called but i remember the FROOT M&G system haha.
  9. Please I'm hoping the selfie is the single cover and we get a great album cover instead
  10. And I thought after the selfie post was going to be more silence from her for months.....I didn't expect anything like this
  11. I love everything about this.
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