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  1. Oh wow. Oh wow. Praying for everyone collecting all variants and versions, it's not over yet .
  2. Oh my god this picture disc. I don't buy vinyl but wowwww
  3. After a while of not being able to decide I just bought the box set. I think if there's a signed cd I'll probably get one.
  4. I think one thing bothering me is, its the shortest album yet. I wish we were getting some bonus tracks from different retailers or something. I feel like I'll enjoy listening to it and it's over before I know it.
  5. Don't really know what to buy at this point. I feel like I could wake up tomorrow and there's another vinyl variant.
  6. Conflicted. Last time I only bought signed cd and in the past bought her CD boxsets. Don't know if I should buy both this era tbh
  7. Mmm wanna know what all the editions look like. I assume pre order is also at 6PM?
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