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  1. I dont buy vinyl but will get the CD someday and omg all the covers are so beautiful, i dont even know which i like the best.
  2. so happy today listening to her new MUSIC i love it edit idk why music is in caps but its fine i mean it was excellent anyway
  3. finalsong

    Charli XCX

    I got Charli tickets so happy! It feels so far away. For UK it was £25 before fees. With fees around £30
  4. I thought I didn't like ww as much and it hit me today. this happened to me with text book and blue banisters. when released before the album I wasn't sure about them. Among the other songs they make so much sense. Can't stop thinking about "comfortably numb but with lithium came poetry". this album feels so calming to me. I appreciate different lyrics everyday and enjoy hearing her words so much. hearing how she puts things together. On this album, it's like she can sing anything and I feel it touches me deeply emotionally. I don't even relate to it? She's so powerful. Reminds me when I first liked her in BTD I revisited some songs I hadn't heard in a while from her. I so appreciate her still singing now, she is so brilliant. No one else has me thinking this much about their lyrics nowadays
  5. finalsong

    Charli XCX

    Release date is so far away... The snippets are so amazing though! New Shapes is so fun.
  6. so disappointing to find out some signed cds were cancelled
  7. At first I didn't understand the album but with more listens of each song I really love it :(
  8. i cannot stop listening to arcadia. so beautiful how does she do it... "All roads that lead to you as integral to me as arteries" the way she sings "I'm a lost little girl finding my way to ya"
  9. Ok wait . blue banisters. It's really calm & relaxing to listen to.
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