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  1. I love your commitment to psychedelic surf rock. One of these album cycles you're bound to be right
  2. Watercolor Eyes came out January 2022 and then Tunnel title track came out December 7, 2022
  3. Why do I feel like it’s going to be an ambient instrumental bop. Sort of something like The Range or Oneohtrix Point Never
  4. I think she should piggyback off the hype from this past week and introduce the world to Henry
  5. Probably Blue Skies but I'm clinging onto the word "new" and being delulu. Henry is comin'
  6. The twitter account insider_nostra1 tweeted "Lana del Rey - new song is coming..." 10 hours ago. Their track record looks pretty good, too. They've been spot on about the Ariana rollout and tweeted multiple things before they happened. I just started following them so please don't burn me at the stake if they're not a legit source. I'm choosing to believe, though
  7. ...I'm still so strange and wild
  8. I’m so dead she saw social media writing the “Lana is sad Lana is a victim” narrative and she said lemme remind these hoes who I am
  9. I have a hard time telling if his IG is him just trolling / cosplaying or if he’s serious
  10. She did say she was working with Jack in the studio a couple of weeks ago. Maybe she wants 1 or 2 more current songs to reflect where she is now to add to the album before finalizing? IDK I'm absolutely reaching
  11. Let's reframe: "it's definitely not finished but it's most likely COMING SOONER, unusual for Lana lmfao"
  12. Have we ever known a (rumored) release date this far in advance? This person seems confident the album wont have any covers so everything (track list, general rollout) must be pretty solidified by now / in the next month or so. I wonder why we haven't heard a peep from any insiders She's been working on this for 4 years and no leaks / hints of info? I'm perched
  13. I'm indifferent on Taylor but I think 2024 is the year she faces some serious backlash. She's crossing the overexposure threshold and it's bound to happen. there's something in the wind I can feel it blowing in....
  14. updated my username to officially enter LASSO era Ready to channel all the negative feelings I have towards the Grammys into her perfect gothic Americana album she’s about to punch us in the face with
  15. Not the Grammys selling merch ☠️ who would wear that ungodly bomber
  16. I don’t dislike Billie but her *aw shucks I don’t deserve this I’m so awkward and quirky* schtick EVERY TIME she wins an award has worn thin
  17. ☝And Lana👋🏻you’re the✋🏻biggliest✋🏻 🤌winner🤌I’ve always🖐 known🖐it🫸everyone👏🏻 knows👋🏻 it 👐🏻big time👐🏻
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