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  1. I'm sorry to hear. She's apparently sick and lost her voice. She didn't cancel the tour intentionally, so why are y'all butt hurt. Imagine you were sick and had to sing on stage, how does that work?
  2. Does anyone have the Cola intro? Send me plzz
  3. I‘d LOVE an ASMR album. Wouldn’t need my Tavor anymore. Release it fat
  4. Lana never intended to become famous in terms of doing TV shows, or even awards shows. Y’all have to understand that she’s only about her music. The bling around it doesn’t mean anything to her. As long as Interscope pays her sessions; she’s fine. There’s not a single song in her official discography that isn’t good. She constantly delivers quality music The fact that I‘ve been listening to her since 2011 is incredible. Usually I’m not attached to artists for such a long time since the music gets?“boring“.
  5. An art of work that shaped music industry, has stayed for hundred of weeks on BB. The sound, the lyrics, the production - way ahead of her „competence“. Truly blessed the world with this masterpiece.
  6. I grudge the winners their awards, but common, Lana really deserved it. She literally paved the way for all these artists. Also, she‘s the most beautiful out of them. They can’t relate with a beauty
  7. I really love the album. I‘m amazed by how she manages to release a top notch album successively. At first, I kinda liked HTD, but now it‘s just become super annoying, so I changed that version with the live one. And was there a fight because of Bartender? Lol, some really don‘t have a taste. One of the top songs. By the way, NFR lacks the glamour and the exquisite realisation
  8. Not sure about where he resides. I thought he went back to Europe
  9. California has been keeping me crying like a baby. I can’t imagine how she’s suffering from Barrie‘s absence in her life. All the references to UV (Flipside, SoC). Didn’t know there’s this kind of sadness (((((((((
  10. Omg that dumb ass home of sexual derailing the conversation by asking these dumb questions. Why does everything has to be about sexuality. Poor baby
  11. California is next level sadness. Barrie should feel so lucky to have a song like this being dedicated to himself
  12. The relationship between her and Barrie must’ve been really strong and special...
  13. You can bet that the tour setlist will be the same old and musty one lel
  14. Equivalent to the group of people who try to persuade people to wait for the release
  15. California left me speechless. Wow. Truly a legendary woman
  16. I always thought that her stage delivery always depends on her mood in terms of (not) being in the mood to put effort into her voice. If that makes any sense lol Anyway, especially these three performances are the representation of her capability to deliver when she's in the mood. By the way, does anyone have an audio file of the Cola Intro?
  17. I can't explain this, but whenever I hear Ariana's voice, my brain starts hurting. She might have excellent singing skills, but I just can't stand her voice. I hope Lana will have, in case the song is like 3 to 4 minutes long, at least one minute spotlight. Does anyone know when approx. the song will be released?
  18. Y'all still not letting Yosemite rest in peace? Jeez
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