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  1. Y’all butthurt coz she spilled all that tea about the US 😌 She perfectly described the core problem US citizens have
  2. Given the fact that Retardi B‘s first album scored much higher than BTD, who really cares about how it’s going to be received by critics? These so-called critics have proven on many occasions that they don’t care about art lol.
  3. cashcomesquick

    Azealia Banks

    most likely a twink or sum 🤣🤣🤣
  4. cashcomesquick

    Azealia Banks

    She’s such a talented rap artist, yet she destroyed all the possibilities she could have had. She could easily be on top of the game. I mean, look at the recent female rappers. Retardi B? Talentless. The only competition Azealia could have is Nicki da Ninja.
  5. Does anyone else have these strange moments when you want to express to the entire world how much you love and admire Lana and her work? Like, I had listened to various genres of music, yet no one else than Lana got me hooked like she did. I discovered her Video Games video in 2012, and from that moment, I couldn’t get enough. Lana, if you’re reading this, I hate you for doing this to me 😭😭😭
  6. Anyone can start again Not through love but through revenge Through the fire, we're born again Peace by vengeance brings the end
  7. I bet she’s in awe of her strong thighs. Lana could easily crush that little rat
  8. This! This is the definition of a strong and proud woman ❤️ I love her fkcn tighs, daaaaammmmmn 🤤🤤🤤
  9. Thank you for this insight! For me, Nowels definitely established the role of a mentor to Lana in terms of her art and the process itself. His experience with outstanding artists like Tupac and Dido will only have advantages to Lana! Really hope the team who produced Honeymoon will work together again 🥰
  10. this is actually directed to my mom who doesn’t like Lana 😤 I‘m very curious about her reaction lol
  11. That binch can do any genre and make it sound like it‘s hers. Her voice is so convertible, wow. Glad I stan a legend 🥰
  12. I‘m anything but a Trump supporter, but you guys are obviously neglecting the issues that will come with Biden being a president lol
  13. What are you talking about? Biden‘s foreign policy explicitly states he wants to expand NATO which means there will be more wars respectively more military interventions. Keep your mouth closed if you don’t have anything noteworthy to contribute 😘
  14. Can’t wait to see the Middle East getting bombed again 😍😍😍😩
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