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  1. Definitely OTTR. Sonically, lyrically, musically - and basically every adverb that ends with „-ly“! I would die to be able to hear it for the first time again ???. And of course WC ??
  2. The way she can tell stories, and how these captivate you is how I fell in love with her. But her biggest achievement is definitely being able to deliver masterpieces successively! Her mind is sickkkk ? Imagine even being able to think of all these melodies and stuff? Like girl, chill (or no, better not, keep going ?)
  3. You’ve got a Thunderbird, my daddy had one too ? ? Such a catchy line ?
  4. So, first of all, bye Jack ?? Secondly, kinda reminds me of her Lizzy stuff. And lastly, Lana, if you‘re reading this, you‘re truly a living legend ?
  5. Komisch, da sie gerade hier so hochgepriesen wurde. Mal abwarten, was noch so kommt ?
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