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  1. this is actually directed to my mom who doesn’t like Lana 😤 I‘m very curious about her reaction lol
  2. That binch can do any genre and make it sound like it‘s hers. Her voice is so convertible, wow. Glad I stan a legend 🥰
  3. I‘m anything but a Trump supporter, but you guys are obviously neglecting the issues that will come with Biden being a president lol
  4. What are you talking about? Biden‘s foreign policy explicitly states he wants to expand NATO which means there will be more wars respectively more military interventions. Keep your mouth closed if you don’t have anything noteworthy to contribute 😘
  5. Can’t wait to see the Middle East getting bombed again 😍😍😍😩
  6. But that‘s what you would deserve in that case 😘
  7. Shady shit? He bombed the shit out of the middle east! More drone bombs than any other president. He was pure evil and war-hungry! A true warmonger, like Killary
  8. That h*e be promoting everything except her own stuff lol.
  9. Outside the US, she got dragged for her „pro Americana imagery“ 🤣
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