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  1. Is the Tape Deck bundle still a mystery? https://store.universalmusic.com/lanadelrey/*/*/Tape-Deck/6L5P0000000
  2. Having heard Violet, I'm very excited to see what we get with Behind the Iron Gates next year. I really hope she takes the same approach, audiobook release and then physical.
  3. Only just finished my first listen (piece of advice: don't rely on Audible, their service is absolute trash, they take hours to add a purchase to your library) Violet is beautiful. Lana's vocal delivery is so soothing, but not too melancholy, and Jack's music is complimentary but not distracting. Sportcruiser is a particular favourite. It provides so much context for her thoughts and actions in recent times. I'm very excited to read the additional poems in the physical release, and to get Behind the Iron Gates - Insights from an Institution next year.
  4. Just saw on Instagram that apparently the entire audiobook is out in AUS NZ on Apple Books See @itsvenicebitch
  5. It's annoying me that on Lana's site, there are buttons to order the CD, vinyl and picture disc, but not the cassette...girl, who is handling the merch because this is messy. https://lanadelrey.com/
  6. Since it will be available in full as an audiobook on Audible and Google Play Store on July 28th, that alone makes it eligible, it doesn't necessarily have to be released on Spotify/Apple Music etc. before August 31st.
  7. Further validation that it is eligible here: https://www.grammy.com/sites/com/files/bluebook_ga_category_rules_spoken_word.pdf
  8. It is still eligible for Best Spoken Word Album at the Grammys though, so maybe this will be the one... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grammy_Award_for_Best_Spoken_Word_Album
  9. Yeah, I'm starting to get the feeling that they're only putting out LA on streaming services to generate hype, and still expect people to go to Audible/Google Play Store etc.
  10. I'm guessing LA Who Am I to Love You is like the "single" of the audiobook, and the full album will be uploaded shortly? I hope it's not like a teaser to try and push people to purchase the full audiobook on other platforms.
  11. Could everyone posting or quoting the poems use the spoiler tag? I'd rather wait until the full audiobook is available...
  12. To find the time remaining on Audible, you have to pre-order the audiobook, then go into your Library and into your Pre-Orders, and then Order Details.
  13. I can't find it, could you share the link? Also yes, showing up as 11 hours 57 minutes to go on Audible UK for me.
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