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  1. Just now, American Whore said:


    absolutely! terrible timing and he should've done this forever ago but here we are. i still think we need them to either enact 25A or he needs to resign so she can prove she can do it and i think that right there would take her to a higher percentage for election. it'd take the unsure votes and independents who aren't sure who to pick once they see she can take up the mantle 

    That was my very first thought too!

    I think if he steps down/is forced down and she steps up and does the job for 3 or 4 months, then it will seem more like Americans are choosing to keep her in office vs electing her, and while it’s basically the same thing either way, I can definitely see the 60K middle ground Americans who are on the fence being more accepting of it. 

    I just don’t see America electing our first female president any other way. A woman is going to have to prove and show she can do it before they vote her in. (And no, I’m not saying I agree with this mindset but I definitely know how the average American thinks)

  2. America is as misogynistic as it is racist, and Kamala is going to have a STEEP mountain to climb to get half the approval a vanilla white man would get. 

    I will say, her post RNC speech was really good, but I just worry about the optics this is going to bring to the more undecided voters. 

    Of course I know I’m voting for an administration not just one person, and I think any Democrat’s administration will be better than the MAGA/P2025 loyalists Trump is going to bring, but I feel an alarmingly high number of Americans don’t realize just how much is at stake here 

  3. 5 minutes ago, American Whore said:


    It's really not as bad as it might seem. This was necessary to give us a chance to keep the country away from Trump. Biden was never going to win. 

    I just think Biden should have done this months ago, because whoever ends up getting the nomination is going to have their work cut out for them to campaign heavily for 3 months, especially while Trump has been campaigning for years now


    it was absolutely the right move, but the timing is awful

  4. Happy birthday to my forever favorite Lana album :thankyou:


    this album had such a strong presence in my life in 2017, where every single moment with this album was tied to an event in my personal life. I’ve never, in my life, had an album where every single moment (from leaked songs, to instagram snippets and single releases) can be tied to a specific event so vividly. 


    from day 1 I’ve been the biggest LFL defender, and I always will be! It’s a fun record that, as an American, truly captured the anxiety of living though the early Trump times. It might not be as deep or realized as some fans want from her, but while every artist was shying away from the political events/tensions, Lana embraced the anxieties and reassured me that other people were also feeling those same anxieties.


  5. 5 minutes ago, grandpas glass said:

    From the way of her more or less regular "mandatory" postings, I think her social media presence, especially on Instagram, was or still is controlled by her label, as with most other artists (like she has to post one time a week or something). Just google "branding".

    agreed 100% 


    I do think it’s *her* posting but I have a feeling she is mostly given something she has to say/do


    With as many alt accounts of hers that have been discovered over the last decade, I’m sure she’s posting what she wants to post on an account not known by a single fan. 

  6. HBTB came out in August and Honeymoon came out in September. 

    Tunnel was announced in December and still managed to get a delay in January. I think Lana’s team realizes that they shouldn’t officially announce anything until they can be absolutely sure of a release date. 

    tbh I bounce back and forth on if I think it’s actually coming this year. It’s possible it could be an October release, but admittedly I’m starting to think it’s not coming this year. A lot of projects have been announced for September, and are getting their singles now. Lasso being not mentioned at all makes me think they’re just waiting out all the releases this year. 

  7. 1 hour ago, SalvaWHORE said:

    damn I never realised that we had to wait THAT long for Ultraviolence, it didnt feel that long tho :lange:

    *edit bc my timeline was way off*

    It really wasn’t that long, we got paradise in November of 2012 and then Tropico a couple of months later, then there was the wait for West Coast April of 2013 2014 and the UV June of 2013 2014. So it was ‘long’ but it was the normal year and a half wait between Paraidse and UV

  8. 1 minute ago, ComebacktoCalifornia said:

    Oh I definitely think we are getting something before the end of the year but I'm not sure that something will be lasso I never had much confidence in it unfortunately even though i really wanted it

    Jack called Lasso fucking brilliant so I have hope she won’t scrap it. If she was the only one who talked about it I’d be more unsure, but Jack doesn’t seem the type to talk about a project that doesn’t exist. I’m personally really excited to hear her sessions with Luke, Henry Come On has been in my head since she previewed it. 

  9. Just now, ComebacktoCalifornia said:

    I love the optimism

    I think it's dead and buried unfortunately

    I'd love to wrong though

    Y’all really love to let a little silence destroy any hype you have :true:


    She just posted those BTS pictures a couple of weeks ago (that weren’t in the Tough video!) so obviously she is planning/shooting things still. Just because she isn’t telling us her every move doesn’t mean she isn’t making any moves 

  10. 15 hours ago, Super Movie said:

    I'm always really interested in the difference between the Lanaboards reception of a song vs. the general public reception of a song. Tough is doing so well on streaming and with more casual listeners (and TikTok stans), but a lot of people on LB have already moved on because of the new leaks

    I think the problem is people on Lanabaords are more likely to like her more deep cut/slower/more personal tracks, while her more upbeat songs have always been the ones that click with the GP.

    Personally I’m more a GP listener where I do appreciate her deeper songs but I’m way more likely to gravitate towards her more fun tracks 

  11. The outro is so good but it sounds so out of place :toofloppy:


    they seemed to add a shit ton of reverb to her voice on that very last ‘tough’ idk it’s weird. The whole track goes up in volume just for the outro. 

    tbh I think the song could be a couple seconds longer to let everything breath. It just goes and goes, there isn’t one second to sit with the instrumental. 

  12. 1 minute ago, menslayer said:

    and she replied “who’s this?” 


    I mean, prob not since she just worked with him 6 months ago :thumb2:


    1 minute ago, American Whore said:

    what outtake? :smokes3:

    Lindsey Lohan confirmed there is a COTCC demo (I think called Bright Eyes?) that was written with Clay 

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