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    Instagram Updates

    the fact that mcdonald's is a literal franchise and the Israeli branch has NOTHING to do with the independently-owned American ones tho.. these people are so bored
  2. DNC

    Instagram Updates

    the comments are already demanding boycotts and calling her whatever bc she has a drink from mcdonald's
  3. DNC

    Instagram Updates

    the gun?? oh she's visiting the members of a certain academia today
  4. this is literally ridiculous.. A&W's lyrics are so evidently more complex than any of the other nominees it's honestly laughable she didn't win
  5. caroline polachek looks stunning on the red carpet omg
  6. seriously what the actual fuck i thought it was OBVIOUS she would win at least one alt nomination????
  7. yeah i turned off my computer in rage ig i won't be seeing the grammy's tonight
  8. JAJAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHAT ON EARTH???????????????????????
  9. the guy just smiling for half a minute on the red carpet LMFAOOOO
  10. Jon Batiste won ALBUM OF THE YEAR but the year he collabs with Lana he wins nothing..
  11. best country solo performance - Lana is winning this next year omg
  12. oh not Wet Leg those guys snubbed best alt album from fucking BJORK on 2022 i'll never forgive them
  14. istg if Desire i want to turn into you doesn't win this-
  15. does this mean that we'll only see her giving a speech and getting an award if she wins SOTY or AOTY?
  16. country is prob the only genre i don't listen to regularly - i'm so ready for that to change
  17. DNC

    Instagram Updates

    who is the guy she tagged?? is this a cover of one of his songs or what
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