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    Your Music

    Would love some feedback on some of these songs… Thx
  2. Mine finally updated from label created on July 7 to shipped… expected delivery July 19…
  3. Just throwing it out there, but is it possible that she doesn’t sing some of the songs that we all love so much because some are so personal and emotional that she might not be able to get through them live. Hell some of her songs get me emotional sometimes I can’t imagine how she feels, remember these songs are her actual life…
  4. After Glastonbury I would never start on time again, just to make a point, but I have been called an asshole on more than one occasion, so there’s that! And I would certainly never play that venue again!
  5. So tough, but for now... BTD/Paradise Did You Know That There's A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd Norman Fucking Rockwell Blue Banisters Chemtrails Over The Country Club Ultraviolence Honeymoon Lust For Life
  6. I feel like Lana could make this one a hit again... Sorry if someone already had this one...
  7. I love everyone's analysis on this one... Just wanted to add from someone that grew up during the height and listened to a lot gansta rap, the first time I heard A&W the first thing that came to mind for me on the second half was ODB from Wu-Tang Clan single Shimmy Shimmy Ya. I am probably way off base, but I just thought with Lana's gansta style and being from Brooklyn herself, that it could be a nod to ODB and Wu-Tang. I know nothing, so I digress...
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