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Fifth Harmony

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who is managing camila and how is she dumb enough to think she can pull a zayn/beyoncé when they were barely starting to be big? :lmao: I don't see what's all the excitement about, all of her mates are easily more beautiful and talented than her 




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I usually do not listen to casting show people and when I bought their 2nd album I just found out later they used to be on one. Their studio music is pretty good, I love Lauren's voice. It's sad Camila left, she does not have the bestest voice though (her solo stuff is quite good), but she added something nice I can't explain.


But to be honest, I haven't seen a live appearance yet where they really sounded good. They don't seem to be great live performers, good dancers though, yes.


My fav for sure is 'Dope'! It's a catchy song and on repeat.

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29 minutes ago, lanasugarysweet444 said:


so weird that ur posting in this thread today as i decided to listen to bump their discography on my 40 min drive to work


is there somethinnn we need to kno? surely not anything new.

a le4k?


Here is a link to all streaming services where you can stream my new single, "The Prophecy" :party:

Critics are saying: "It's pretty much the best thing ever" - Anthony Fantano

and "It would be super cool if you listened to it. It may surprise you with how not-bad it is.  It's actually pretty good" - a genuinely unbiased and actual casual pop music listener

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