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  1. I'm not entirely sure but she's implying that if they win (Radiohead) it's possible for her and her label to be forced to stop distributing the song (not available for streaming or purchase anymore)
  2. she needed to do Summer Bummer, God Bless America, Tomorrow Never Came, Heroin (more upbeat, sort of like Honeymoon live) and Get Free, instead of Blue Jeans, Video Games, Serial Killer and Ultraviolence, this is an arena tour, she has to seriously step her game up now
  3. that makes no sense, are you reading what you post? how can she make a fortune if her tickets aren't selling I'm not surprised, but I'm still disappointed... I still hope the setlist is cute tho, I love my girl even though I don't understand her choices sometimes
  4. because you can check for yourself how this isn't doing that well on ticketmaster she announced her first arena tour and she didn't even bother to release a music video for cherry or do a couple radio interviews or even try to push a song on radio to promote... the tickets were always selling slow and I think none of the US dates are actually sold out, take a look at Columbus show, it's doing really bad, I don't understand, it's like she wants to sabotage herself...
  5. this date may be almost sold out but go ahead and take a look at the other shows on ticketmaster, I really hope they do something to promote....
  6. if she truly doesn't change the setlist that much, it's pretty much over for her in that department lol... this is an arena tour, tickets aren't seeling that well at all and she didn't promote for shit, welp, please do something exciting and different Lana
  7. welp, I thought the stage was shaped like a triangle, it's not
  8. hmmm sis, a tough one, I'm not sure how expensive all tickets are but maybe you could try seating tickets?
  9. guardian

    Charli XCX

    AUTOTUNE 2 SNAPPED. I needed more experimental fun metallic Charli and she delivered for sure, I'm not disappointed at all
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