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  1. I still have hopes to get this song 🤭 Keep It long live!
  2. This song has me on a chokehold.
  3. Where's coloringbooks to release cherry bomb now 😭
  4. This new single ain't bad, but I wish she released "Lesson*" (idk the title) and Keep It, I'll be a problématique widow forever
  5. Anyways so I asked AI to draw Sky Ferreira cherry bomb and after 4 tries it gave me this Sky Ai Image since idk how to insert image
  6. Her hand looks like a er a hm a dick
  7. Leak pretty dull so I can kms finally
  8. Does anyone have Pretty Dull with listenable quality too?
  9. Talking about the other lol, it's an obligation to include legends!!!
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