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  1. alexspears

    Kylie Minogue

    wow. imagine tension if she dropped hands or any of the other boring songs for more than a feeling??????
  2. Heidi Montag - Superficial 1) Superficial 2) Turn Ya Head 3) Look How I'm Doin 4) One More Drink 5) Twisted 6) I'll Do It 7) Hey Boy 8) Fanatic 9) Love It Or Leave It 10) My Parade 11) Blackout 12) Bad Boy 13) Overdosin' 14) Body Language
  3. Madame X - Madonna 1- God Control (the obvious intro song in my opinion) 2- Crazy 3- Future 4- Medellin 5- Bitch I'm Loca 6- Faz Gostoso 7- Back That Up 8- Come Alive 9- Funana 10- I Don't Search I Find 11- Ciao Bella 12- Killers Who Are Partying 13- Dark Ballet 14- Extreme Occident 15- Crave
  4. alexspears


    PRAYING for a full version of operator could be the 2020's telephone with the right collab im just throwin that into the universe
  5. alexspears

    Kylie Minogue

    im convinced that hold on to now was going to be the first single and the opening track, but then someone showed her padam padam and she re-arranged things i'm glad padam was the first single, but HOTN literally just feels like an anthemic kylie minogue lead single. almost predictably so. i really love that song. this album is not what i expected but i can't say im entirely disappointed!
  6. alexspears


    i love hollywood sweetie i am so sorry that i ever doubted your place in the track listing you clearly were meant to be #1 miss hamburgladonna however........ im fuckin obsessed with this album. so glad i got the uncensored glass vinyl before it sold out why is rhinestone heart becoming my favorite song of all time?????
  7. alexspears


    1) purr 2) rhinestone heart 3) erotic electronic 4) memories of you 5) plastic 6) i love hollywood 7) out of time 8) dramatic 9) miss belladonna 10) girl like me 11) my body 12) tear me open
  8. alexspears


    the order??? or the tracks themselves? lol i think the tracklist order is wild. i will definitely be rearranging it
  9. "streamed the least" , by someone who insists on surrounding themselves with abusers "feed the beast" by kim petras
  10. so weird that ur posting in this thread today as i decided to listen to bump their discography on my 40 min drive to work is there somethinnn we need to kno? surely not anything new. a le4k?
  11. alexspears


    oh, the way i am OBSESSED
  12. alexspears

    Ava Max

    D&D: - Get Outta My Heart - Dancing's Done - Sleepwalker - Hold Up - Ghost H&H: - Tattoo - Call Me Tonight - Who's Laughing Now - Salt - OMG (but i wish i could delete her CORNBALL ass monologue in the middle eight...)
  13. alexspears


    she did an interesting cover of her song "Scary" and i didn't even know that was legal cause i don't believe it's released in the united states? lol it was a japanese bonus track. can't find it on streaming... but we can hear Miss Amy Thyst's
  14. alexspears

    Charli XCX

    slander 4 next level charli makes my heart hurt
  15. alexspears


    lol check out her song "the baddest"... it is a carbon copy of the TKO demo by miss charli xcx. for another song, she somehow straight up used the OFFICIAL ass instrumental for a britney spears japanese bonus deluxe edition track and....... i just don't get why lmfao. if ur gonna re-record the song Scary by Britney or any song by her???? its gotta be exceptional.
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