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Of course it's not on spotify and it's album only on iTunes lmao


The preview sounds a lot like the Radio 1 version though?


I'm pretty sure it's different. The preview sounds different. The vocals and the instrumental sounds different.


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Please share the studio version of Life on Mars if you don't mind. I'm still trying to save for her debut album. I can't believe she didn't include it.  :defeated:


I don't want to post it online for streaming, as it's up for sale and all. It's not that different from the live one I have on Soundcloud though. It's 95% the same thing. I can send it to you though, just don't post that track online on SoundCloud or whatever. Her label don't like that. :toofunny: She deserves the coin$$$$.



Here's the BBC Radio 1 track.


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Titles registered at BMI:

1. All My Demons

2. Awakening

3. Broken Satellites

4. Colours Are Gone

5. Conqueror

6. In Boxes

7. In The Light

8. Little Boy in the Grass

9. Murder Song

10. Runaway

11. Running With The Wolves

12. Silhouettes

13. Under Stars

14. Under The Water


Titles registered at ASCAP (that I could find):

1. Warrior



Played live.





I think I'm gonna ask her what the new songs are called - the 2 songs we haven't heard yet.. :flutter: It's probably Silhouettes and Colours Are Gone.


Just gonna point out that Broken Satellites and Colours Are Gone never were intended for her album. At least I don't feel like they were. They didn't sound like they were made for the album, if anything. Broken Satellites sounds like a Eurovision song, kinda. :toofunny:


Silhouettes on the other hand, kinda fits in on the album. It was intended for the RWTW EP. Or some kind of promo before the album. But they gave it away. It kinds sounds like Puppet.


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