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Best unreleased SOPHIE songs:

1. The Way I Am
UV Love

3. B Who I Want 2 B
4. Kitty Cat
5. Somebody Like You

1. Hey Boy, Hey Girl
2. 90 On the Freeway
3. Lock It Up
4. Big Freedia songs

1. My Forever
2. 1, 2, 3 Dayz Up
4. Fly Bitch

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Probably a lot of unreleased material! Hopefully it’s a good show!!! On Twitter I saw some complaints about one of her recent shows saying it wasn’t good & that Hannah Diamond left in the middle of it :toofunny: just don’t have high expectations & I think you might be fine or expect weird shit

I also read about this on twitter lol well I can take weird shit coming from her btw i think i wont survive to her unreleased material :( so many bops...

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reason why sounds finished when compared to the last time sophie played it so i hope it means it's coming soon

TBH I hope it’s on the next Sophie release it could be a bunch of songs




Take Me To Dubai

Screw It Up

Burn Rubber



New York’s Burning Down



My Forever

Reverse & Stop

Fly Bitch

We Don’t Stop


In The Rain


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