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  1. It's beyond me how her label hasn't dropped her yet.
  2. Moon River

    Charli XCX

    Do you look super cute?
  3. Yasss Pink Convertible finally!
  4. Moon River


    Kick iii is incredible from top to bottom. Morbo, Fiera, Joya and My 2 got me like I haven't stanned this hard in a while. Staying up each night waiting for the next Kick to drop is such a fun experience too.
  5. Moon River


    "KicK iii sounds unhinged in the best way possible. It’s music to feel indestructible to, a mode that Arca does like almost no other. Over the past decade, Arca has built herself up to be simultaneously sensitive and intimidating — there’s plenty of vulnerability displayed throughout the rest of these albums, but iii surrounds her with bulletproof glass." "iiii is the most adventurous, mesmerizing and porous — check out the xx-adjacent “Boquifloja.” There’s also a spoken word pump-up courtesy of Garbage’s Shirley Manson and a hypnotic guest appearance from New York experimentalist No Bra. iiiii is beautiful in the same way her 2017 self-titled album was — lots of piano and muffled choral runs, plus there’s a track with the legend Ryuichi Sakamoto. It’s an appropriate, meditative conclusion to the project as a whole." https://www.stereogum.com/2168777/arca-kick-iii-review/reviews/album-of-the-week/
  6. Moon River


    I can't listen to iii yet but I already know Bruja's still that bitch!
  7. Moon River


    The fact that we get to hear Bruja in a mere couple of days
  8. Moon River

    Charli XCX

    Okay wow Lay With U slays. 😩 I'm slowly realising how little of her unreleased material I'm actually familiar with lol.
  9. Thunder and Black Beauty are lowkey the same song but I mean they're also some of her best.
  10. Moon River


    Guys Swingin Party is on the Tennis Court single, at least on my Spotify! I really appreciate having No Better and Bravado (FFFRRANNNO Remix) on streaming at last. The soundtrack to my Tumblr days lol.
  11. I don't even remember but I called her a flop and she replied with "ok lol" or something. Granted those were the days when I was a shady af Lady Gaga stan and called everyone a flop. 💀
  12. Moon River


    Some insider said that Cayó won't be on Kick iiiii either but I'll remain optimistic until the final tracklist drops. Anyway I'm so incredibly excited to listen to these albums! I haven't followed her this closely since I first found out about her in 2014 and this rollout is just crazy.
  13. Bebe Rexha Ed Sheeran obviously Skylar Grey because she dragged me on Twitter in like 2012 Taylor Swift
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