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  1. Put Me In A Movie Blue Jeans Ride Shades Of Cool Music To Watch Boys To White Mustang Venice Bitch Yosemite
  2. I hear her when I listen to Prisoner. She gets my streams that she stole from Miley.
  3. No wonder COTCC is so boring Lana must hate us so much
  4. Who said that? Both are their own albums with no connection unlike Evermore and Folklore.
  5. Maybe this is the album for us gays.
  6. NFR! only has 2 faster songs and it's still loved by her fans. Maybe the songs itself are too slow for the fans. If COTCC had less acapella like songs it would be more loved.
  7. No. Lana is too lazy now to make multiple videos. It's like NFR! where she teases the official video.
  8. I don't know. Her car shoots are over since LFL. She can be on a plane next or not.
  9. But her roots are light blonde. Maybe she dyed it darker and wanted back to light blonde and had to bleach it.
  10. I wonder what the hates will do if she drags them to hell. The reviews being a mess then.
  11. On the other forum they drag her for it. But I wouldn't be surprised if she goes into that kind of direction.
  12. I don't know. I read that on another forum and thought it would be worth posting. If it's not Lana related please delete it.
  13. Lana has another controversy up her sleeve. I think it's from a Instagram story but you can move it if it doesn't fit here.
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