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Charli XCX

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Omg I can barely hear it, but I know that’s hbhg

how?? its barely even listenable... it could just be some remake so fucked in quality nobody can tell the difference


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Which version of Taxi is the OG mp3 to download? The sped up one or the "normal" speed one?


Also, if some hacker god out there has better when your gone in HQ, even if 128kb, please post. Discord quality is so 2017~

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@@Sulfer Ok, so about GNO it's exactly what @@Lukeb told me:


We have ~by order~

The leaked version (with no bridge, which we have the og);

The released version;

The released version from her Youtube channel ~now updated~ (It has an extra "No Boys" on the breakdown before "It's a girls night out" comes back in);

The Pete version that leaked first;

The Pete version leaked by bloom for you (everybody calls it pete demo);

The Tyni version;


AND the most important at all: an edited Pete version with 3 minutes and 41 secs, which is the one you and most people are using as the final, because someone included it at a XCX World fan made edition that everybody downloaded and now is included in almost all the Charli masterposts and trackers. :rip:


Also, about the 5 minutes version with the barbie girl things, it's a fan edit called ''pop 2 extented version'' and it's horrible lol.

Bassically we were missing two versions. The first Pete leaked version and the Youtube one.


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