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  1. "Audio is not available in your region." my luck can you guys rip the intro, orca and persia?? please
  2. l'officiel shoot: http://www.allpicturesmedia.com/residential/?album_name=Callon%20Residence&album_id=5975&page=1
  3. 1. The Other Ones (Intro) 2. Orca 3. A Taste of Silver 4. Romeo 5. Perspective (feat. Homeboy Sandman) 6. Spark 7. Revolution Indifference (feat. Run The Jewels) 8. Persia 9. Pressure 10. Goldfish 11. Until The Ribbon Breaks
  4. http://thisisfrank.com/video/lana-del-rey-shades-of-cool-directors-cut
  5. so this version includes the radio mix and its out june 13th ...cool http://www.universal-music.de/lanadelrey/diskografie/detail/product:209784/ultraviolence
  6. fuck!! Totally love the radio mix ! thanks @@Zenol
  7. !!! its not available in my country...full version or just the preview???: http://www.universal-music.de/lanadelrey/videos/detail/video:341691/west-coast-radio-mix
  8. "Fall into my hands-he didn't write it FOR her- the lyrics from Born to Die inspired him to write 'Fall into my Hands' " https://soundcloud.com/toolshed/fall-into-my-hands "She was at his show at the viper this year to hear the song he wrote her. so cute"
  9. Radio Edit (Dan Auerbach Mix) https://soundcloud.com/igapromotion/lana-del-rey-west-coast-dan-auerbach-mix-radio-edit
  10. EP or Song? (what means I+?)
  11. a little darker mixtape (pete lawrie) >>>> https://soundcloud.com/savant-sounds/a-little-darker-mixtape-by
  12. no one else is feat with burns. great find! sounds good!
  13. **One more thing - We're hosting a top-secret intimate LA show to celebrate its release next Tuesday March 25th. If you're in the area and would like the chance to join us (with a guest) RSVP to UTRBshows@gmail.com. Show time is 7pm. The venue will be revealed the day before... So keep it locked.
  14. ^^SOURCE: http://www.eastvillageradio.com/content/content.php?id=7704
  15. soooo a little update: New EP by the end of march (4new songs) Full album out in september Free download: https://www.noisetrade.com/untiltheribbonbreaks/a-taste-of-silver-ep
  16. i know about her since i watched video games on mtv push (dec 2011)ZzZzZZz. and the first impression was negative AF. became a fan after the album release. tbh
  17. Paraiso


    (persoalexperience) front row: always look for the staircaise, for obvious reasons is the only way to go down from the stage, and you get more chances to take a pic or talk to her.
  18. see,now it's official. she was recording everything here in Chile,Brasil and Argentina, fans outside the hotels, in the front row,making some questions etc. same thing happened at the tropico premiere. getting ready for dat secondhand embarrassment :toofunny: :toofunny:
  19. idk but i really enjoy this movie, and the song fits perfectly.....tron legacy ending scene + You & Me
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Mq6q6xodpE
  21. and i think i read (rumour has it) that chuck is recording a documentary about lana´s fans or something like that. yesterday she was filming at the event. she talked with some fans, more to come after tropico.
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