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  1. Do any Nicole Dollanganger songs think the violins (?) in Thunder sound like the ones in Lacrymaria Olor? Is there actually a name for this type of sound? It's been years since I've played the cello. It sounds like the violins are crying it's so beautiful
  2. Is there anywhere else besides Spotify that we can listen to this for free? This is ridiculous.. they better fix it. Unless this is how it is everywhere else? I've seen a bunch of other posts like this
  3. I know but I'm very specific with names, and Caroline is much nicer than Carolina. I'm weird
  4. Aww that's actually gorgeous. So much better than Carolina imo.. Yikes LOL
  5. ngh - is Chuck having a boy or a girl, because maybe Carolina is the name? I'm a little high it's just my theory haha
  6. This album has left me speechless. I cried so much. The lyrics, the production. wow
  7. Oh I just asked in the other thread how we should get updates. I feel very young for forgetting about email newsletters lol...
  8. Please tell me I'm not the only who doesn't use social media and doesn't care about this. She's hopefully going to be spending less time online (as we all should) and I'm not even familiar with how active she was. She will be spending more time on herself, her mental health and (for us fans) her music. Really great news I was very happy when I saw this. I made the decision to get off of twitter, facebook, instagram and it is great. I still use Lanaboards occasionally and now mostly reddit (dont judge me lol) and youtube. Very lightly do I browse instagram to see if artists post things about new music. Okay maybe I still use it but not with my face anymore. It's very different being anonymous (or whatever that is) I'm just not directly affected, so I see the benefits to this. It's very sad for all of you I assume but this is probably a huge weight lifted off her shoulders (especially being Lana Del Rey, I mean damn, she probably just wants a break..) But this actually brings me to a question, What should we follow now for updates? The record labels? okay but the way that came out and Lanaboards was literally QUAKING
  9. Greenwich


    https://open.spotify.com/album/4oCWu3aMKo5MuIj9Q8F3Zf?si=wJlkHspETeOYLO7vGAoJzg&dl_branch=1 $WAGGOT x Spatial Manufacture Ltd. next planet this EP is crazy good and I'm calling all old fans and new. Feedback loop >>>>>>
  10. Greenwich


    omg i clicked this and it auto played in my car and my volume was loud.. full panic mode ?? still love it dearly
  11. Greenwich


    I made a playlist of all of his & KOKAYNA’s music on spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4dGBJof9cppcccvOzlnh3B?si=-LZJ59eOSu2wflcuMQVeIQ&dl_branch=1 Get streamin
  12. Greenwich


    They have been from various record stores, like Bleep, fnac, some non-US amazon stores. They kind of are selling out the same day though ps don't give your money to the scalpers .
  13. Greenwich


    Thank you, love <3
  14. Greenwich


    This video needs to be deleted what is going on and This moderator needs to be checked now
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