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  2. my Twitter @ is literally yosoylavampira i couldn’t have asked for a more fucking exciting concept for a video i can’t even control myself lol and my birthday is on Halloween...................
  3. My goth ass won this round 🖤 I had a full blown heart attack when I woke up. Lana being a vampire is my BIGGEST dream come true I kind of feel like I’m still asleep. Is this real life?
  4. I jumped the gun, lanadelreytv posted it on Instagram... I am high as f*ck and assumed it was legit news I JUST WOKE UP NOT MY HIGH ASS ACTUALLY BEING RIGHT should I listen I’m nervous why is everyone being so negative
  5. I jumped the gun, lanadelreytv posted it on Instagram... I am high as f*ck and assumed it was legit news
  6. ugh well today was a little frustrating but i just hope that she will still give us a single, a music video, and the album cover soon. and it makes me happy people were there to fight for dealer because i will be absolutely gutted if it doesn’t make the album
  7. Chuck’s story... Lana was the one recording so oh well I’m still excited for whatever Chuck is doing i love supporting the talented Grant fam
  8. The Victoria secret bag is sending me... boudoir shoot coming soon? Hahaha just kidding she’s just getting sexy for her new man we are never getting news
  9. Her hair looks similar to the COCC video hair brushed out and put in a ponytail...
  10. Wild idea but is it possible that they were killing two birds in one stone and recording a music video for Elaynna AND working on something for Lana as well? Maybe not a music video but just for added visuals for the trailer or just a photo shoot. I’m desperate I know but I’m just trying to make it make sense.
  11. Chuck tagged Lana so I still believe it was for Lana I refused to believe anything else.
  12. a October 30th release and a September 30th announcement............... pls. my birthday is Halloween I want a birthday album so bad.
  13. I think he just didn’t expect that much backlash and attention for the last time he was teasing so he reeled that shit back he got scared lol
  14. I couldn’t be more positive that was a Lana shoot yesterday. For starters, you could HEAR Lana in the background. Sheridan was driving in the same location & if it was for anything else he wouldn’t have been there. As far as Hunter goes, he’s one of their mutual best friends. 100% makes sense he’d be there for shits and giggles. I could go on but all the major points have already been pointed out. Now I just hope it’s a second video because I’d love more than one big project this era
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