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  1. This is Veronica Lake doing for promo for “I Married A Witch”, Lana’s white outfit is very similar. So I definitely think it was a hommage or referencing Veronica Lake. Veronica Lake was born Constance Ockelman and changed her name when she came to Hollywood. She was known for blonde wavy hair and her style became very popular in the 40s. She struggled with alcoholism and while she didn’t die, her addiction did have to do with her leaving Hollywood to find recovery. again many similarities to Lana’s story.
  2. Has anyone fathomed the idea that if the engagement rumors are true the next album might be coming from a married Lana??? Or perhaps a pregnant Lana???
  3. Random but I adore the Texas in “Paris, Texas”. It’s giving Pabst blue ribbon on ice.
  4. wanted to drop my thoughts following the Grants and Did You Know…? as an album. I think this album will have mix to great reviews, I don’t think many people will understand it and that’s the point. I think its experimental nature will be a large turning point for Lana musically. For me, this album will be the LFL of the new album trilogy, not in motifs or incohesiveness, but rather in its transitional state. that being said this album might be as influential as BTD was for 2010s. NFR defined the early 2020s and I feel Did You Know…? will be influential for the rest of the 2020s. Like Jack said in The Rolling Stone interview, Lana is leading the pack not following it.
  5. I just love watching these shows on lanaboards, we all have the same collective brain cell.
  6. No bc I thought this the other day!!! i always see Lana’s work in trilogies. LFR is the buffer link between BTD/Ultraviolence/Honeymoon and NFR/COTCC/BB hence why it’s so uneven and experimental. i think DYKTATUOB will be uneven and experimental as well, taking us to the next Lana phase. But whereas LFR is not the strongest album in her discography, this transitional album might be one of her best works with bold new sounds and rich diaristic lyrics to match.
  7. I love this analysis but I also cannot get over that Rosemead is officially part of the Lana del Rey canon and lyrics. I grew up in that city and to see it now like a lanaboards username is so wild to me! obv love the username rosemead forever
  8. Also I think the Ramada inn she is specifically referencing is the one by the 60 freeway. It borders El Monte, San Gabriel, and Rosemead so the context of the lyrics make sense. (I lived in Rosemead and we stayed there once when I was a child) Also! A stretch but an interesting thought, Ramada sounds a lot like Ramera which is slang for whore in Spanish.
  9. I’m not Asian but I am latina and I grew up in these cities (Rosemead) and I agree it’s just kinda awesome to see them come up in her songs recently. i died when I heard her mention Rosemead first thing in the morning when I heard A&W.
  10. Like these Lana and Jack collabs keep getting better and better with age. We’ve gone from Venice Bitch and Mariners to White Dress and COTCC and now to A&W and whatever other masterpiece they have on this record. Also the depth of the work is astounding, Lana’s lyrics are just something else here. As soon as she mentioned her mother, I knew it was gonna be THAT song. I’ll admit I was worried Lanaboards complaining about the piano in the beginning, but I think the outro gives it this fresh edge. Even though the whole song is just all around sharp and ready for the kill. so excited for the rest of the album! It’s gonna be very experimental, personal, and perhaps her magnus opus (also side note but I’m dying about her mentioning Rosemead. I was born and raised there)
  11. I was worried about being able to handle both A&W and Caroline Polachek’s new album coming out at midnight, but now I can vibe to the new album and wake up to american whore STREAM DESIRE I WANT TO TURN INTO YOU AT MIDNIGHT
  12. DIDNT THINK ABOUT THIS !!!! also the fact that BB ends with her singing to her sister and DYKTATUOB starts with her singing about her family. KARMIC LINEAGE.
  13. all the girlies in this thread claiming american whore better not be the same ones trashing jack antonoff and his piano in other threads
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