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  1. Did she get her paradise tattoo like touched up? looks much less faded! Stunning as always ugh
  2. Y’all this is the same woman who kisses fans on their bare fucking lips and screams at body guards in their faces if they’re too aggressive w fans, she’s anything but inconsiderate or rude lmao
  3. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdoSEHrd/ Absolutely hate anytime politicians and old people try to get in on meme culture or when administrations try to insert themselves into internet jokes, but exposure is exposure and this new video by the White House and BennyDrama has Lana’s national anthem playing in the background
  4. Tidal shows me my top 30 listened songs at the end of every month and last month was the first month ever that not a single Lana song made it into my top 30, release something girl
  5. Yes!!! You can help keep Win Edwards distracted while he’s digging through Lana’s trash when we sneak past the front gate!!!
  6. Personally I think we should kidnap Lana, I think we should split into 3 groups, one group will go to her home at 19562 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265, the other 2 will go to both of her homes at 3415 Coldwater Canyon Ave, Studio City, CA 91604, from there we’ll log into Lanaboards and alert user chaoticlipster about which house Lana happened to be home at! From there whichever group found Lana will grab her and hold her hostage!!!!!!!!!! THEN chaoticlipster will arrive at the house with rope and her bible and her gun and be like “hey girl don’t FUCK with my mental health” and then tie her up and Lana will plead with us and be like “oh no omg I’ll release the album and I’ll give Elle more Lanaboards exclusive codes for my merch, anything please don’t kill me lol” and then we’ll get the album!!! Then we celebrate streaming the new album in our new (old) NFR raincoats that we got a discount !!
  7. Want Lana to surprise drop BB on Lorde’s release day to block her from number one so Lana can solidify her place as the Queen of Alternative and shut all the dirty Lorde stans up who have to audacity to give that devil witch from Snow White looking hoe the title
  8. How do you make a post in a thread with gifs?
  9. I’m talking mainly chemtrails also this place is turning into shit, like y’all are just being rude and taking anyone who expects more from Lana after these recent singles and grouping them into the “fake fans who want Lana to be a depressed coke whore who makes music for bottoms to bop their non existent twink asses to” bullshit Y’all are just as toxic as the kids on Lana Twitter who have this weird holier than thou complex that talk shit on tiktok stans for being locals I’ve been a fan since 2012 and for the last time do NOT want Lana to go back to her old sound singing about sugar daddies and whatever I want her to EVOLVE and continue exploring new sounds like she used to, I know she’s not a basic pop girl and don’t expect that from her, Jesus, coming back to this thread when there’s actual news cause what the fuck
  10. If you look at the rest of the personnel on that records there are hoards of other instruments on top of these tracks that feature piano, on these last two records especially Cocc there’s only a handful of instruments besides piano.
  11. Okay like we’re arguing over semantics at this point, fact is Lana has been making mellow and instrumentally stripped songs the last 3 records that heavily feature a piano, if this wasn’t true there wouldn’t be such discourse on it that consumed like the last 15 pages of this pre release thread
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