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  1. what.. my interpretation has always been "you saw a light, back in the countryside" ...
  2. white dress textbook chemtrails looking for america tulsa jesus freak arcadia dark but just a game let me love you like a woman not all who wander are lost if you lie down with me sweet dance til we die watercolour eyes taco truck let the light in wildflower wildfire sweet carolina
  3. Azealia Banks can say or do no wrong
  4. it never occurred to me until now pon de replay of lust for life that roses bloom for you has the same melody as get free... could rbfy (final version) be the deleted demo we never heard of get free (malibu) in retrospect or
  5. first time listening to the title track just now. i read a lot of comments about how much people appreciate her using the tunnel as a metaphor for herself. but i'm like, there's no way this song isn't about anal, right?
  6. honestly one of my favourite photos / shoots of lana ever though idk the chick beside her
  7. this music video defined my experience of tv in those years
  8. amazing behaviour from the queen. drop that label like it's hot
  9. wasn't watercolour eyes rock candy sweet?
  10. Sirens A Star For Nick Next To Me Find My Own Way AKA Yayo Pawn Shop Blues Kill Kill BTD Video Games Born To Die Radio Paradise Ride Body Electric American Ultraviolence Black Beauty Shades Of Cool Cruel World Honeymoon Terrence Loves You The Blackest Day Music To Watch Boys To LFL Coachella Woodstock In My Mind Get Free Tomorrow Never Came NFR Mariners Apartment Complex Venice Bitch The Greatest COTCC White hot Forever White Dress Dance Til We Die BB Wildflower Wildfire Black Bathing Suit If You Lie Down With Me
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