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  1. So no 'Gods & Monsters' this time around? What a shame!
  2. I will be at this show with 3 friends. We are going to be chillin' in the lawn though! <3 The event is SOLD OUT, and entry to the venue is not until 6pm. So it'll be interesting to see everyone trying to get in at the same time. This venue holds 22,500!! 6,000 of those are actual seats, while the rest is LAWN! Mountain View has been known to double book the lawn too, so who knows! I'm expecting a HUGE crowd!
  3. &nbsp; &nbsp; I've been to several rave shows at BG and they were not bad, saw Kylie there too wasn't bad. But the sound for Lana wasn't the best, but I couldn't help but think it was cause of all the overly excited girls singing all the songs and screaming. But it was great. Perhaps her shows are more of a Reserved Seating experience rather then General Admission.
  4. Not what I had expected to be honest. Happy I had my moments where it seemed it was only Lana and I in the building and not all the wild Banshees that surrounded us. Haha. Had a wonderful time! She did look drop dead gorgeous in that white dress though!
  5. I realized that just looking at everyone at the show. Majority was 85% young high school girls to me. But I am 27 so what do I know LMAO.
  6. As I was walking into the show Bang Bang was playing and it was indeed Nancy Sinatra not a Lana version as some are saying.
  7. I loved LANA. But the audience was a damn mess! Girls being escorted from the front row left and right.
  8. May 18th is the Single Release, if I am served correct
  9. I don't mean for the upcoming tour. I meant for the Paradise Tour last year. Sorry I wasn't specific.
  10. Do we have a setlist for the European shows? Moy you mentioned she did about 18 tracks? I am curious what those were?
  11. So excited we got our tickets!! <3 Can't wait to see the goddess!
  12. Anyone know about the presale code?
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