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  1. Can't believe Beyoncé's ripping off Lana again with the pivot to country...
  2. lol that the only way Lana gets on the Grammy Awards stage is Taylor Swift dragging her up with her
  3. So apparently Sean's Police Department is still treating policing like a fucking reality TV show after the mayor just met with activists the other day and agreed to cancel the contract with Live PD. Speaking of K-pop stans, anyone know any?
  4. (rubs eyes) Did Lana actually do something right that I can't immediately find cause to criticize? It's like a fucking dream I'm livin' in.
  5. This is a much better statement. Wish she'd started with this. But in the context of her comments over the last week or so it's still trying to minimize her missteps and deny her belligerence and initial inability to listen. Still too focused on receiving criticism. And I'm not criticizing her for this, everyone's doing it, but the issue of posting pictures of even peaceful protesters is a real one given police use of facial recognition and our history of police and FBI targeting activists. Many privacy advocates would tell you not to do it without significantly degrading image quality or blurring faces.
  6. I'm really happy to see people more critical of Lana's politics though I'm still more bothered by her not addressing her own personal missteps related to racism than her not addressing the racism of others. The argument that people with large platforms should be using them to raise awareness is well taken, but I'm honestly curious why a consensus seems to be forming around Lana having an obligation to raise awareness about this particular issue. Why not Michael Brown, Philando Castile, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, Eric Harris, Laquan McDonald, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Terence Crutcher, Ahmaud Arbery, Botham Jean, etc. etc. Why not the oppression of Palestinians in Israel? Kids in cages? Drone killings under Obama? Indefinite detainees rotting in Gitmo without a trial?
  7. Me three. Dude, I would wear that shit as a badge of honor and put it in my bio if it was over some shit like this.
  8. Parallel universe me is really into yer led anal.
  9. Nah, her hair was longer in 2009. Comparing to photos in the Early Shows section I'd say late 2007 or 2008. A reminder of what this thread is for and what it isn't. From the OP:
  10. Yup yup. There was a whole burst of interviews that had me thinking this way. The Ann Powers thing on thru to the Elton John profile: http://lanaboards.com/index.php?/statuses/user/40-evilentity/?status_id=165098 I still need to talk my wife into watching Rocketman with me some time so I can finish writing up my thoughts on that. In which LanaBoards' mod most given to moral disapprobation defends her here, kinda. In a back-handed complimentary sorta way. I'm gonna have to disagree here on both points. This might be horrible. It might be perfectly justified. We don't know. And until we know more, it's not our business. It's between them. It's personal. But more to the point, unless and until we find out that she has bullshit reasons for dissing her mom, it has no larger significance or real world impact on anyone else the way other bad things she's done arguably do, like say, intending to perform in Israel, making ignorant comments both when she doubled down on that and when she finally cancelled, dating a reality TV cop who has engaged in profiling and is a de facto apologist for the abusive policing practices of the status quo, appropriating indigenous culture, glorifying all manner of questionable shit, treating journalists just doing their jobs like shit often specifically for doing their jobs well, her lying in general, etc. I suspect it's not weird at all...
  11. It's not allusive. It might be elusive though. Tryna imagine what an allusive "Summertime Sadness" outfit might be. Maybe a t-shirt that says "someone remixed the shit out of it"? At any rate I'd bet cake that @@Elle owns it or something close to it whatever it is.
  12. Oh come on, you know Barrie would be a regular.
  13. Bonnaroo now offering refunds: https://www.bonnaroo.com/news/2020-update-refunds
  14. I have zero interest in collecting Lana merch like this but I'm fascinated by people who do. That said, I would pay top dollar for any legit pre-fame stuff with good provenance. Original Lizzi Grant/May Jailer discs. The 2006 WLSC cd or DVD. Original physical copies of the "Kill Kill" EP or AKA. CD-Rs she gave out to people and wrote on with a sharpie. Hit me up if you ever come across anything like that. Imagine spending this much $$$ on Lana merch but not having a home. I-- Definitely robbed for biggest Lana stan. You're doing the most. welp You should sell a couple coke-spoon rosaries and buy a quiet little place with @@Elle instead. You probably thought I was just joking on Twitter, and idk if you're into girls at all, but I ship you two for real. Y'all wouldn't even need any furniture. Just eat, sleep, and laze around on the giant piles of Lana merch. It's a match made in heaven/the garden of Evil. And to think I considered myself something of a closeted Lana fan IRL. Hmmm... When I get back around to managing work on the Interviews section again, would you consider helping us by acquiring magazines with Interviews that aren't online and sending us scans? Better yet open it in Amsterdam as a "coffee shop". Or we should track down Lizzy's original trailer for this.
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