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  1. I watched Priscilla recently and I hate that this concert is honouring Elvis’s pedo grooming ass. He deserves to rot in hell.
  2. The levels of parasocial are reaching Taylor Swift’s fans here. Ed. I meant the second paragraph of quoted post about people making excuses for her and talking about her like they personally know her character.
  3. I think fame and glamour in general. She is shown wearing multiple necklaces in this video and at the end they are all broken like the candy one – fragile and fake.
  4. I’m on my discovery of her more obscure unreleased songs and 4th of July is clearly unfinished, messy and unpolished, but there’s something so mesmerizing about it…
  5. I don’t even remember when I started listenining to her, it’s just something I always did? My first ever liked YouTube video is Young and Beautiful, I wrote about her in my notebook from 5th grade when we were supposed to write about our favourite singer, I remember sitting in my room at night as a pre-teen and listening to her unreleased songs. She’s a part of me and my childhood, and the only artist I regularly listen to and whose whole discography I know (ok, maybe besides Sirens, I do love her early stuff but I never really cared for this one). For me it can be perfectly summed up with this one Tumblr post: literally it cannot be overstated how much of an impact lana del rey’s born to die had on the pop culture landscape when it was released like something in the atmosphere shifted permanently. she is an evil woman but i will never forget the first time i listened to ‘off to the races’ and was like wow i genuinely had no idea music could sound like this by @holdoncallfailed. For a long time I only listened to her and knew only basic info about her as a person, I have never read interviews or anything. I also stopped around time LFL came out, I started listening to different artists and to her more occasionally. I was so out of loop that I found out she released a new album (NFR in 2019) from a Tumblr gifset, lol. I gave it a try but didn’t like it at all, it reminded me too much of ballads from LFL which I disliked. But also at that time I joined Lana group on fb and finally started being active in fandom, which renewed my love for her. I think of NFR (which I absolutely love rn) as an end of a decade of Lana. She was truly the most influential artist of 2010s, Born To Die is an iconic album which beats records to this day, she definitely left a mark in popular music history. It’s not hard to notice that her newer albums are quite different from her previous work, more personal and maybe less impactful, and I thought that it may be a time for us to part ways, but here I am, growing to love a lot of songs from BB and some from COTCC. After reading old threads on here I also discovered how fascinating her past is and how many mysteries about her are there.
  6. Does anyone know what are her current rides?
  7. Doja got dragged on Twitter recently for Noah Schnapp drama, not to mention the whole TinyChat affair. Ariana had the donut thing for years, even though it was in, idk, 2014? And her race changing and cultural appropriation is often discussed. The point was that while they may get away with some things (like most famous people), it’s not like they’re never criticised, more or less rightfully. I don’t defend celebs at every cost, quite the opposite actually (that’s why I was highly critical of QFTC post, despite being Lana’s fan for many years). Again, the point was that every pop star has hardcore stans who will defend them in every situation, and that includes the three of them, Lana, Doja and Ari. When I go to Lana stan spaces, I don’t see a lot of criticism of her, same with the other two; but it doesn’t mean that it does not happen, it’s just a certain echo chamber. I admit that Lana is a low-hanging fruit when it comes to internet dragging (for many different reasons – in the beginning of her career she was unfairly judged for being ‘fake’ or an ‘industry plant’, her relationship with feminism has always been difficult, she has been a mainstream star for a decade while singing about complicated topics and was easily misunderstood, she sometimes has a specific way with words), but I think that every female singer deals with misogyny and harsh criticism at some point. There’s no need to bring them up in conversations they have nothing to do with, it’s better to be critical of an industry and media that hate women, but have no problem with famous male abusers and rapists, as a whole.
  8. Some of you truly can't criticise media's treatment of Lana without constantly mentioning other women, even though that's the reason why she got so much backlash for QFTC two years ago. Doja got criticised for dating an ugly white dude, Ariana is in the industry for years and got hate for many things (i.e having the audacity to break up with some addict and trying to find happiness after it). All of these ladies have faithful fans who will fiercely defend them even when they're in the wrong, but all of them also have devoted haters who will shit on them for smallest things. Stop bringing other girls down and quit acting like Lana is the one and only victim here, this industry is unfair and awful to women in general.
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