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  1. Super Shy

    Kim Petras

    well this just leaked today but quality is shit, think it's just recorded off someone's phone in the room. considering it doesn't have those drums at the start of the second verse i think it may be from an earlier version?
  2. Super Shy

    Troye Sivan

    just going through recent last.fm scrobbles, the t-shirt preview and what other ppl have found this is what i’ve been able to partially decipher as a potential tracklist:
  3. Super Shy

    Kim Petras

    feel pretty confident that Power is a FTB outtake but do we know what era Bread is from? melody reminds me of her older leaks but i think her actual voice sounds like her newer stuff
  4. but of course they’ve already got tour dates lined up lmao… makes total sense i could be completely outta the loop but is it actually an album or just a single? because i can imagine no preorders if it’s just a digital single
  5. Super Shy


    she’s watching
  6. Super Shy

    Kim Petras

    i doubt this is seeing a release so hopefully i'm okay to post, but i think they're referring to this snippet
  7. Super Shy

    Kim Petras

    haven't we had fall for like almost a year now?
  8. Super Shy

    Troye Sivan

    magnum opus incoming
  9. Super Shy

    Kim Petras

    thank god she got rid of that euphoria bit at the start of KOH. that super heavy intro she teased on ig is so much better
  10. Super Shy

    Charli XCX

    my true romance repress arrived today and she’s gorg :’)
  11. Super Shy


    omg not the actual sound having like a full minute long snippet it sounds so good
  12. Super Shy

    Chloe x Halle

    fell into a hole on YouTube today seeing clips of Halle recording solo music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLTnEwo9H3w i really hope this got finished and actually gets released one day, just this little bit sounds so gorgeous
  13. Super Shy

    Kim Petras

    this title is giving Feed The Beast (Simlish Version)
  14. Super Shy

    Kim Petras

    i guess Alone 2.0 is kind of better but why does it not have a dance break post-chorus? i feel like it would just make the song so complete and make the mellow chorus make SOME kind of sense listening to the rest of the remixes now and praying one of them does it
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