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  1. i had never listened to her before but right now i am very very sick and laying in the tub and decided to listen to preachers daughter and this album slaps. i love this. she really is a hidden gem.
  2. does anyone know if this soundtrack will get a cd or vinyl release? i love lana's song and florence's is fabulous too. i'm assuming all the rest of the songs are standards too?
  3. isn't the only order they can go in: 1. lana del ray 2. born to die 3. ultraviolence 4. honeymoon 5. lust for life 6. norman fucking rockwell! 7. chemtrails over the country club 8. blue banisters 9. did you know that there's a tunnel under ocean blvd ? or did some of her albums come out in a different order in other countries? i always find that so fascinating! and i guess there's also there's the way where you include violet bent backwards over the grass like lana said to but i assumed she changed her mind when ocean blvd said ninth on it
  4. hurray lana!! 5 noms!!! i hope lana wins for once. she really deserves it and even if its meaningless she seems to really want one. it feels good to be appreciated for your hard work! plus ocean blvd feels like an award winning album!
  5. if this album is gonna be country, i want a psychedelic folk rock kind of country like what the grateful dead does. she already gave us that on the "dance till we die" bridge so i know she can give us that!
  6. nikki is pretty rock n roll for a country gal so i think this album will be really good!
  7. i think she probably meant that her parents didn't know she was singing in the big time or about the bigger deals she was making til snl but i don't know she could have been misremembering or lying for whatever reason. i don't know enough about it all but i really don't think she's intentionally trying to sell us a false narrative.
  8. the song sounds like "a dream is a wish your heart makes" but that isn't a bad thing no no. but holly's slurring in the first verse will take some getting used to but i can tell already that this will become a favourite of mine xx
  9. hbd honeymoon. 8 years... iconic!! u really are that bitch. love ya xoxo
  10. does anyone know why this was delayed? is honeymoon still coming?
  11. i love this album. so iconic that lana already released one of her bests right at the beginning. i've never been able to find any other albums by any other artists that have the same vibe as this. it's one of a kind. and zero skips!! fave songs: for k part 2 mermaid motel pawn shop blues
  12. wait this album gets hate? from lana's own fans?? what's there to hate about it???
  13. one of lana's best albums!! i'm so happy some older gems found a home here. i would love another album like this with a mix of old and new songs. my fave songs are: arcadia wildflower wildfire living legend
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