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    marilyn vs get drunk
  2. "people need to leave her alone" she's a 35 year-old woman she doesn't need to be shielded from the consequences of her actions i agree threats are never ok and there's no point in being gratuitously nasty (she removed the video and hopefully learned), but take your stan hats off for a second. she was in the wrong.
  3. i thought she was trying to say that george floyd would disagree with the violence and rioting happening
  4. you guys are being fucking obtuse. it's not "damned if she does, damned if she doesn't" she posted a video in which you can clearly identify looters and posted in to her account w millions of followers, then condemned them on her story, almost confirming she posted the video out of malice
  5. wait why did she film people looting????? what the fuck
  6. could've done without the pic of the friends w their paltry sign in their brandy melville it's just screaming "look at us!!! where's our pat on the back?"
  7. and i can't even call her a cop fucker in the comments
  8. idc if lana never thinks about ar*ana again. they come from different universes. her whole career and aesthetic is founded upon looking and acting like a little girl. she's a recording artist - her abilities begin and end there. with the help of heavy vocal editing
  9. yeah she clearly misunderstood what lana was trying to say. megan's been vilified in the media and i think she identified with that aspect of her statement. but obviously didn't read it closely or critically. i doubt she's too familiar with lana's art and career anyways.
  10. exactly. she needs you on her team lmao this is so much more to-the-point than this 3-day mess she's created! it was hardly a diss, she said something to the effect of "i understand where you are coming from, i've been there, but i would never put down other women like that, we're all in this together" etc. etc. etc.
  11. she's just the definition of a white feminist. feminism bored her until trump was elected? and she just saw it as an opportunity to jump on the etsy white table magic wagon... ok she's just really misinformed and should stop speaking as an authority on topics like feminism, science, etc. it's embarrassing. disclaimer: i don't think the name-dropping pertains to this issue, i just have found her feminism talk to be inane and disingenuous. i don't think she cares about women, she cares about public opinion of her more than anything.
  12. oh i was talking about her typewriter rant! i agree with you, the poem is gloomy! <3
  13. is it bad i'm surprised jack produced it maybe she has the range
  14. narco-swing surf noir tease!
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