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  1. head and please remixes are cool tho.
  2. Wow, that's her best cover! Really excited about this one like i haven't been in a while. Oh, and there's also the physical albums with unreleaseds in hitchmas. We're being served!
  3. Any news on the cover or tracklist? I've been on her fanbase for 7 years now and i saw at least 5 projects being rejected unfornately and the reason it's not clear still, producers maybe? There was supposed to be a Reincarnation II thing/mixtape and a freestyle ep (which songs like "Tell Ya Friends") on 2019 and then she posted a tracklist from another project when she moved to UK with titles like "Growing Pains" and "Luxury". And she tweeted some weeks ago about droping some droplets songs and then another album with a new song called "Green Light" on it.
  4. Songs produced between 2013-2015. Some produced with Billy Mann (Salt & Honey) and Dsign (No Angels). We don't have snippets, only titles from this era. And we're also missing "Airstreams" and "Freebird" from Eleutheromaniac album (only, finally) and "Lose My Head" and "Queen" from Light Touch.
  5. The anti-vaccine thing it's bad cuz she may not going tour on other countries. And the benny thing it's really confusing, there's alot no one knows. People says she cheated on him and he stopped working w/ her and won't give her the rights of her masters until she pays for it. But they took a pic together in 2019 in Miami and then she shaded him and Selena saying she was supposed to sing that collab and now she's missing him. Like WHAT
  6. She's not selling songs from 2019 era which i was curious abt (Bad Girl/Tell Ya Friends/Peter Pan etc) cuz she may release it. But she's selling Eleutheromaniac outtakes case people ask for it, the album contains 10. I wonder if people will rip it or trade, i wish. I miss her releases and i was really hoping for her to release "Queen" and "Lose My Head" to Light Touch project. People just wanna spend and give her money w/o knowing which songs were fucking released already ugh
  7. At this point somebody got anything else that didn't got leaked yet?
  8. Missing the leaks or anything else new latelt, have someone recorded her live concerts? If yes, could share it please? Mrs Monday is v good tho!
  9. share it share it share it
  10. Did this version of "Zombie" leaked? I'm still waiting for "Bad Girl".
  11. Only the intro from Reincarnation and "Freedom" from Anarchy. Haven't heard "F U Betta" as well. But it was bigger than i thought it would be, 13 songs it seems.
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