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  1. Lonely Planet

    Tove Lo

    “HOW LONG” bop incoming next week!
  2. Lonely Planet

    Charli XCX

    this sounds 100x better than baby. I could see this doing better on radio
  3. That twitter account doesn’t have the full. They just scammed a snip from someone. Also the song features vocals by Matthew Koma and is produced by Zedd.
  4. Lonely Planet

    Charli XCX

    Manifesting that we get Million version with MØs verse.
  5. Lonely Planet

    it is out next Friday lol
  6. Lonely Planet

    she only has 2 recent ones. Brad Pitt (Demo) and Illuminati. The rest is all from her punk days.
  7. She barely posts on her insta anymore. We get 1 post every 1-3 months. Even changing her artist name and sound couldn’t shake the haters. It’s sad cause Perfectionist was an amazing debut album.
  8. Is this the OG? Sounds so much better!
  9. Say When HQ whennnnn?
  10. Lonely Planet

    I feel like she should have dropped the album a few weeks after Live to Survive came out. The other singles she dropped have done nothing to help hype the album.
  11. meh I don’t think we were getting music regardless. She doesn’t seem like she has a clear vision for what she wants to do. She had an album done under the name “BLOOM” she has a lot recorded the last couple years but nothing sounds consistent enough for a full album. Her genres are all over the place. also most the fans that follow her on insta just leave hate comments on all her posts. She’s still very much cancelled to the GP. I think we will only get songs she sold to other artists or music for soundtracks at this point.
  12. Lonely Planet

    Allie X

    Night Swim from Cape god sessions leaked
  13. Prob others first. She seems to have some older ones floating around now.
  14. What the hell has she been doing for the last 10 years to make a living? You would think she was homeless by now.
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