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  1. Lonely Planet

    this must be a remix or she updated it a lot
  2. that snippet is called Prisoners and it was uploaded to dbree back in February https://dbree.org/v/956c8c
  3. I thought the snippet of Doin Me (pop version) came from her website/soundcloud when she was asking fans what single to choose next she uploaded clips of Gold and Doin Me. I highly doubt there’s a finished version for Zombie since she has said it was always unfinished demo sent to Kesha. If there is someone buy it and leak it
  4. Almost all the songs being written by Julia Michaels. I wonder if this will be their attempt this Christmas at making more money off her like the vinyl last year. Although I really want to hear that song produced by Oscar Gorres.
  5. they let her release Colors. I’m sure they don’t want to just give away their hard work for free in producing those songs without getting a cut. They know Neon isn’t gonna pull in any streams based on her recent work. Why should they give her charity.
  6. Imagine if she actually performs any of those mumble demos from that mixtape. How embarsssing.
  7. Lonely Planet

    Maty Noyes

    the video is a masterpiece I love the idea. It will be good from summer to Halloween lol
  8. Lonely Planet

    Maty Noyes

    song and video of the year! album is coming out next Friday apparently.
  9. Lonely Planet

    Dua Lipa

    Another outtake produced by Danja for Future Nostalgia leaked called Hard Days
  10. Lonely Planet

    Charli XCX

    whoever leaked it must hate BZ cause they tagged his name and spammed dbree with it
  11. Lonely Planet

    Maty Noyes

    first week of September
  12. Lonely Planet

    LIZ Y2K

    I know one is Make It
  13. Lonely Planet

    LIZ Y2K

    I didn’t see it posted but she released a bunch of music last year under alias BB St. Clair and some under Vanacore Music
  14. Lonely Planet

    Maty Noyes

    She just dropped California Palms today and album is coming in 3 weeks! Praise the lord !!
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