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  1. That woman has been waiting in the Benz for four years, CY1 is never happening
  2. Merry Cruel Youthmas ABCD - [link removed] Brick Avalanches - [link removed] Chalamet Eyes - [link removed] Little Star - [link removed] Melt - [link removed] Seroquel - [link removed] mod note: user has been banned for this post
  3. You don't know it now but when the classics Melt, Little Star and Chalamet Eyes (ended Fergie with this one) eventually leak you will see what I mean. Birds of Galileo also one of her finest
  4. The EP was kinda bad outside of the two singles I fear. Every other track recorded for it washes the ones she was intending on releasing.
  5. I Pray for Rain and All My Lovers Die are literally holy grails what are you talking about
  6. Broke is cute I guess but Heaven had no business being on there. If I Was God should have been the ONLY ballad on the album and I will die on that hill
  7. It's absolutely insane how she snubbed Pretend and Cold for Broke and Heaven... replacing those two songs would've made the album an instant 10/10
  8. Apparently the domain was down for years and now it's back up cruelyouthxo.com
  9. Chalamet Eyes

    It's being released on the 10th anniversary edition of No Mythologies to Follow next month
  10. I need my baby to fly me to Hades and wait in the Benz
  11. Chalamet Eyes

    Maty Noyes

    There's a lot of shite so here are some of the best songs: Agent Orange Ana Boundaries Communication Giving Up on You (Chris Braide classic) The Cobra The Exception All Bout Money Ruthless Freshly Served Promiseland Who Am I to Say
  12. Does anyone have an updated masterpost? The last one hasn't been updated since last April
  13. (It's actually the one giving 1950s Disney ballad hehe)
  14. One of these being her holiest of grails
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