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  1. the remix… at least we got flavour of the month hq but girl not her tease scream it or wtf the track call and ignore it, how we were then also
  2. Architecture1116

    Taylor Swift

    begging for sweetener than fiction real hq file I tried to order the target one but sadly the price is too high for me (plus the shipping from us)
  3. noooo don’t say sorry it’s appreciate that you share your collection to us! luv u
  4. someone have a masterpost of her?
  5. the backseat one is real???
  6. can we get a tracker/masterpost?
  7. couple of snippets and some demos/early mixes leaked and hard to be found, so I wonder if someone have organise a masterpost to keep all those leaked:( edit: made a tracker for her (WIP), Imk if I miss something/where is wrong
  8. daily begging for a masterpost/tracker of her
  9. Architecture1116

    Taylor Swift

    anyone have a masterpost of her?
  10. I got this too but still no download link... I tried to make another one with download link but most of the file are not og/lost
  11. Miley Cyrus masterpost please.... been looking for since last year, tried to make one but I cant collect all the leaks and dont know which one is real leak or edit
  12. Architecture1116

    Taylor Swift

    hope we will get 1989 tv this year
  13. tbh which song should we consider as tropic outtake?
  14. Anything to be with you seems like a perfect name to the album, the companion to the loneliest time
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