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  1. https://x.com/asherw01fe/status/1781596258152427539?s=46&t=LBmWt4dyppob5wQ256nH_Q is this person ok…? their stupid tweets keep showing up on my TL. how was this weekend less than last? if anything it was better. she was far more engaging with the audience & seemed to be enjoying herself the entire show.
  2. update: so i get back to my airbnb last night and i’m scrolling through twitter. sure enough, i come across the guy i was referring to. he just randomly appeared on my timeline & i don’t follow him. what kinda witchery?!
  3. outfit reminded me of the skims photoshoot with the black veil (that we as a society moved on too quickly from) ALSO, she had this sparkle in her eyes tonight that was so endearing
  4. we actually stan the greatest… can we just take a minute
  5. i can’t believe i stood at barricade for 10+ hours holy shit. time for me to go eat something and get drunk enjoy the rest of your day/night angels. may we never forget the nights performance ✨
  6. last thing i’ll say and then i’ll shut up cause im probably annoying af. during NFR, someone yelled “TAYLOR SWIFT” when she sang the lyric “your poetry’s bad and you blame the news” ..now i’m sure there’s several swifties in the chat but everyone around hollered
  7. she fucking ate candy necklace and doin’ time. both standouts for me tonight. blake also needs his dick sucked for the performance he gave tonight. jon as well. their chemistry together is infectious
  8. you’re a real one. thank youu. i’m currently sitting down in the grass grasping it all
  9. i gotta find the cutie who was near me at barricade 👀
  10. i laughed so hard during Cherry. at one point she said “they’re ruined” so casually. did anyone catch that?! 🤭
  11. this was my third time seeing this version of ride live with the monologue. cried yet again.
  12. i was making a silly joke saying how bartender was my chance to go to the washroom but i obviously didn’t leave. i still need to pee in fact. but wow what an incredible performance. i hope the live stream was able to capture it just as well for you guys! she seemed so fucking happy tonight 😭
  14. ok last comment i post and ima shut my phone. but she looks gorgeous, i cried when they showed her. the crowd has so much energy holy fuck. this is her weekend
  15. there’s a cutie at barricade a few people down from me…not sure if he’s on LanaBoards but if you are and you’re wearing the round glasses…i just wanna say “hi”
  16. just to preface..i’m at the show in the front row 😂 there’s no moving for me
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