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  1. glad i napped for two hours 😅 feeling rested and ready to go
  3. im happy i chose the second weekend. hopefully will eliminate majority of the dumb “influencers” that go the first weekend
  4. it hasn’t even hit that i’ll be there next weekend. like what is life
  5. Lana’s intros are always so fucking iconic and i fear tonight will be no different. im gonna throw up
  6. ok chappell roan killed her set. glad i could stream it as i’ll miss it next weekend when i spend 10+ hrs in barricade for Lana
  7. it’s how i’ll be reacting if i meet her next weekend fr
  8. gonna watch the japanese house, faye webster and chappell roan’s performances while i wait till 2am 🤓
  9. i’ll be surprised if taylor comes out to perform with lana. i feel as though she would want her first time on stage at coachella to be for her own show imo
  10. Anne Hathaway on her way to coachella for Lana iktr
  11. no i’m so fucking scared. did yall hear someone broke their leg during their run to the stage?!?! imagine that.
  12. https://x.com/ldraddic/status/1778888756503646380?s=46&t=LBmWt4dyppob5wQ256nH_Q wait stfu…i’m gonna have to run from the entrance into the venue all the way to the main stage. ima be sweaty for ms. lana
  13. just saw the video on twitter of the crowd running to the main stage literally cringing at the thought of my 35 yr old ex running to get barricade at lana 😂
  14. ok im not technical like that so please do share if you end up doing so :))
  15. i need her to drop a live album of tonights set
  16. this will be her best concert performance. putting it out there now
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